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Cities of the Underworld

Discoveries lie under the streets of today's greatest cities. 

Eric Geller (Host), Don Wildman (Host)

06:00 PM
"Stalin's Secret Lair"  Reminders of former Soviet leader Josef Stalin's terrifying legacy lie beneath the streets of Moscow in a subterranean web so vast that the Russian capital is in danger of caving in.  (Repeat) H2
07:00 PM
"Secret Sin City"  Host Don Wildman explores the secret underground that helped transform Las Vegas from a barren desert into a mobster metropolis; underground vaults; secret surveillance nerve centers.  (Repeat) H2
04:00 AM
"Land of Manson"  Underground Los Angeles includes a haven for killer Charles Manson and his followers, tunnels where corrupt cops secretly ran the city, a dormant subway system, coastal military bunkers and war rooms ready for the next big quake.  (Repeat) H2
Cities of the Underworld

A camera crew descends hundreds of feet below the streets of major cities -- such as New York, Cairo, London and Tokyo -- to explore the layered remnants of civilizations left buried deep under modern metropolitan centers.

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