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Counting Cars

Danny "The Count" Koker stops at nothing to find and flip the greatest rides of all time. 

Danny Koker, Kevin Mack, Mike Henry, Roli Szabo, Scott Jones, Rob Zombie

Zachary Behr (Executive Producer), Julian Hobbs (Executive Producer), Brent Montgomery (Executive Producer), David George (Executive Producer), Shawn Witt (Executive Producer)

03:00 PM
"Satanic Mechanic"  Danny is visited by legendary Mistress of the Dark, Elvira; a custom Ford F-100 isn't ready in time for the couple who traveled cross country to pick it up.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:30 PM
"Dream On"  Kevin's son encounters trouble on the race track; Danny stumbles upon an extremely rare 1979 Dodge Dreamer; Gordon stops by with a monster street machine that blows the guys away.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:00 PM
"Van Haulin"  Danny and Shannon restore an old VW van; a '69 Ford Bronco for a single mother.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:30 PM
"Roadrunner Recon"  Danny attempts to create a muscle car from a 4-door sedan; a one of a kind couch made from the tail end of a Plymouth Roadrunner.  (Repeat) HISTORY
05:00 PM
"Quadzilla"  Danny and Kevin visit Gordon to see his latest insane creation; Danny tries to turn a 34 Ford into a white hot-hot rod.  (Repeat) HISTORY
05:30 PM
"Van-Tastic"  An inspired Danny decides to give his classic van a makeover; a basketball star gets pulled over by Danny and Kevin.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:00 PM
"The King and the Count"  Kevin and the team get together to make something special for Danny; Danny runs into an old pal and his 1959 Corvette gasser.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:30 PM
"The Full Monte"  Inspired by the Rat Rods at a local shop, Danny sends the guys out to locate parts for a Count's Kustoms Rat Rod; while on the hunt, Danny gets preoccupied by a beauty of a Bel Air and finds himself on the other side of the bargaining table.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:00 PM
"I Want My Caddy Back"  Kevin's brother would like to sell Danny a 1969 Cadillac, but they can't let Kevin know or else he'll never trust his brother or Danny again; Danny wants to purchase a 1936 Ford Humpback when he's supposed to be shopping for a Rolls Royce.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:30 PM
"Trail Blazer"  Music industry royalty, Del Bryant has a Blazer with which he wants to pay tribute to his Tennessee roots, while Mike and Ryan check out a very rare 1963 Oldsmobile they think the Count has to own.  (Repeat) HISTORY
Counting Cars

When Rick Harrison and the rest of the ``Pawn Stars'' gang need to restore a vehicle they're buying, they turn to Danny ``The Count'' Koker, who runs Las Vegas auto shop Count's Kustoms. The Count now gets his own half-hour show that showcases his ability to restore and customize classic rides. When he sees a vehicle he wants, whether it's at an auto auction or at a roadside diner, Koker does all he can to acquire it. When successful, he and his team then work to restore and modify the cars and motorcycles in order to quickly flip them for a profit. From classic cars like Thunderbirds and Corvettes to sidecar motorcycles and everything in between, if it has wheels, the Count's Kustoms team can make it look spectacular.

Current cast
Danny Koker Kevin Mack Mike Henry Roli Szabo

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