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No Man's Land

Men face scorching heat and desert predators to live beyond civilization on their own terms. 

Jason Hawk, David Holladay, Charlie Acuña, Howdy Fowler, Rick Gibson

Elaine frontain Bryant (Executive Producer), Russ Mccarroll (Executive Producer), Chris Richardson (Executive Producer), Marc Pierce (Executive Producer)

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No Man's Land

Deserts are some of the hottest locations on Earth and living there can be fatal -- California's Death Valley got its name for a reason -- if residents and visitors cannot adapt to the harsh conditions. ``No Man's Land'' profiles several people who call these areas home and rely on ingenuity and self-reliance to survive. Jason Hawk lives in Arizona's upper Sonoran Desert with his family, as he continues traditions passed down through generations. In Utah's Red Rock country, David Holladay fulfills a demand for rare stones. Charlie Acu├▒a has given up his business to spend a summer in the northern desert of New Mexico to satisfy a lifelong survivalist dream. Howdy Fowler rounds up steers in the Chihuahuan Desert in Texas, but he may be close to hanging up his spurs. Former Navy man Rick Gibson makes a living digging through Death Valley's abandoned mines.

Current cast
Jason Hawk David Holladay Charlie Acu├▒a Howdy Fowler Rick Gibson

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