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Counting Cars

Danny "The Count" Koker stops at nothing to find and flip the greatest rides of all time. 

Danny Koker, Kevin Mack, Mike Henry, Roli Szabo, Scott Jones, Rob Zombie

Zachary Behr (Executive Producer), Julian Hobbs (Executive Producer), Brent Montgomery (Executive Producer), David George (Executive Producer), Shawn Witt (Executive Producer)

06:00 PM
"Buggin' Out"  Danny invests in a vintage dune buggy; the crew tries to salvage the DuVall windshield of a 1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:30 PM
"Ultimate Challenge"  Danny spots a 1970 Dodge Challenger on a private road; Kevin's lunch is interrupted by a rare 1963 Corvette; Horny Mike and Roli get lost cruising in a clunker.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:00 PM
"Power and Glory"  Danny must create a special bike for Mike; Danny finds a rare Corvette in a driveway; the crew argues over horsepower in a Camaro.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:30 PM
"Road Runner Redemption"  A returning customer requires Danny's help restoring a 1971 Road Runner to give as a celebratory gift to his wife and step-daughter; Mike and Roli settle a debt by gloving up and taking it to the mat.  (Repeat) HISTORY
08:00 PM
"Floodpocalypse Now"  Danny tries to score an ex-police motorcycle without getting busted; a water main break threatens to put the shop permanently under water.  (Repeat) HISTORY
08:30 PM
"Rocked and Loaded"  Andy Ross wants Danny to build the world's most patriotic muscle car; Roli blackmails Horny Mike into teaching him how to airbrush.  (Repeat) HISTORY
09:00 PM
"Count's Car Show"  Danny is hosting a giant car show and has to restore a '73 boat-tail Riviera to be the main attraction; Danny finds a collection of jaw-dropping muscle cars.  (Repeat) HISTORY
10:00 PM
"It Hurst So Good"  The Plymouth Road Runner becomes a nightmare for Kevin when Danny finally buys one; when Kevin tries to shut down the project, Danny pulls a fast one.  (Repeat) HISTORY
10:31 PM
"The Return of the Big Twin"  Ryan is working on a secret project for chopper shop Bones Legacy, while a Chevy Impala that redefines lowrider blinds Mike and Roli; Danny looks into a Satellite Sebring, but has a hard time making a deal.  (Repeat) HISTORY
11:03 PM
"Psychedelic Cycle"  The guys have their hands full with a custom psychedelic bike; Davey Deals orders a barbecue grill like no one has ever seen.  (Repeat) HISTORY
Counting Cars

When Rick Harrison and the rest of the ``Pawn Stars'' gang need to restore a vehicle they're buying, they turn to Danny ``The Count'' Koker, who runs Las Vegas auto shop Count's Kustoms. The Count now gets his own half-hour show that showcases his ability to restore and customize classic rides. When he sees a vehicle he wants, whether it's at an auto auction or at a roadside diner, Koker does all he can to acquire it. When successful, he and his team then work to restore and modify the cars and motorcycles in order to quickly flip them for a profit. From classic cars like Thunderbirds and Corvettes to sidecar motorcycles and everything in between, if it has wheels, the Count's Kustoms team can make it look spectacular.

Current cast
Danny Koker Kevin Mack Mike Henry Roli Szabo

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