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Mega Disasters

How cities would be affected by various natural disasters. 

J.v. Martin (Narrator)

08:00 AM
"San Francisco Earthquake"  What would a repeat of the 1906 quake that devastated San Francisco mean for the modern city?  (Repeat) H2
07:00 AM
"Atlantis Apocalypse"  Scientists speculate about a repeat of an Aegean Sea incident, as when a huge volcanic eruption on Santorini 3,500 years ago caused a tsunami that wiped out Minoan civilization on Crete and prompted the Atlantis myth.  (Repeat) HISTORY
08:00 AM
"Dam Break"  Scientists and engineers sound an alarm that a catastrophic dam failure might be the next mega-disaster facing America; a dam gives way near Johnstown, Pa., killing 2,200 people in 1889.  (Repeat) HISTORY
09:00 AM
"Oil Apocalypse"  Experts predict what might happen when the world's oil supply runs out, ranging from warfare over necessities to the development of new technology.  (Repeat) HISTORY
10:00 AM
"American Volcano"  Volcano experts map out a hazard zone and engineer a sophisticated warning system in anticipation of a possible eruption of Mount Rainier.  (Repeat) HISTORY
11:00 AM
"Asteroid Apocalypse"  Tsunamis, firestorms and dust clouds following an asteroid impact on Earth.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:00 PM
"Mega Drought"  Historians imagine what might happen to the U.S. if an extended drought were to leave the country unstable and economically depressed.  (Repeat) HISTORY
Mega Disasters

Your car got booted while you were in the laundry discovering that they lost your favorite shirt. In short, it's been a lousy day. But it could be worse, as this unsettling series proves, using state-of-the-art computer animation to revisit past disasters and then depicting how a repeat of the catastrophe would affect the modern world.

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J.v. Martin

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