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"Mexican Angel"

When Jen moves in on Marc's domain, he seeks advice from podcast guest Adam Scott. As tensions mount, a stranger puts things in perspective.  (Repeat)

Sat 5/2 11:45 AM  IFC
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14

04:30 AM
"Yoga Teacher"  Marc hits it off with podcast guest Rachael Harris; Marc pursues Rachael but she wants him to prove he's over his anger issues by joining her yoga class.  (Repeat) IFC
05:00 AM
"Radio Cowboy"  Marc is a guest on a morning talk show that has a bad reputation and declares that radio is dead and podcasts are the future; Marc meets a radio genius and starts to have a new respect for the genre.  (Repeat) IFC
05:30 AM
"White Truck"  Marc has a new goal of trying to lead a simpler life while enjoying his vinyl-collecting hobby but chaos ensues when he meets a woman in a record store parking lot.  (Repeat) IFC
06:00 AM
"The Joke"  Marc feels guilty about accidentally stealing a joke from another comic and that guilt is put to the test when the comic insists Marc help his career in return.  (Repeat) IFC
06:30 AM
"Desert Road Trip"  Marc gets a visit from an old acquaintance asking for a helping hand just as his own career is reaching new heights; Marc's comic friend passes away and it forces Marc to confront the fact that his own success could disappear in an instant.  (Repeat) IFC
07:15 AM
"Internet Troll"  Marc is tormented by an abusive fan on Twitter. With his podcast guest Dave Foley in tow, Marc decides to teach one internet troll a lesson.  (Repeat) IFC
07:45 AM
"Dead Possum"  Marc's manhood is put into question while Denis Leary is on the podcast. This conversation fuels Marc to tackle a home improvement problem with the help of his new eager assistant, Kyle.  (Repeat) IFC
08:15 AM
"Marc's Dad"  Marc's estranged dad, Larry, reappears with an RV and a fool proof plan to get rich. Power struggles ensue, both literally and figuratively.  (Repeat) IFC
08:45 AM
"Dominatrix"  Reeling from news of his ex-wife's new baby, Marc decides to get back on the market; Marc's friend, Illeana Douglas, attempts to set Marc up with a nice girl.  (Repeat) IFC
09:15 AM
"A Real Woman"  Burned once again by a much younger woman, Marc decides to try dating an age-appropriate woman; Marc wonders if he's finally met his match in a smart, sexy peer.  (Repeat) IFC

Marc Maron might not be a household name to casual comedy fans, but among his peers he's considered one of the best in the business. His podcast, ``WTF With Marc Maron'' -- on which he conducts in-depth interviews with celebrities and fellow comics such as Conan O'Brien, Louis CK, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller -- premiered in 2009 and has grown to average close to 3 million downloads a month. In ``Maron,'' the funny man stars as a fictional version of himself (think ``Curb Your Enthusiasm''), a cat-loving podcaster who, when he's not welcoming a passel of guest stars to entertain his online audience, struggles to maintain relationships apart from his work. Also starring are Judd Hirsch as Marc's father, Nora Zehetner as his girlfriend, Andy Kindler as his loyal friend, and Josh Brener as his assistant.

Current cast
Marc Maron Judd Hirsch Nora Zehetner Andy Kindler Josh Brener

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