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Malcolm in the Middle


When Hal and the garbageman get into a trash-dumping war, Hal enlists Reese's help.  (Repeat)

Mon 6/1 7:00 PM  IFC
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Sitcom, Comedy

04:00 AM
"Halloween"  Malcolm and Reese go on a Halloween tour of the neighborhood, and the first stop is at their house.  (Repeat) IFC
04:30 AM
"Jessica Stays Over"  A neighbor's daughter uses her wiles to gain control of Lois' car, and Malcolm ends up in the driver's seat.  (Repeat) IFC
05:00 AM
"Secret Boyfriend"  Sparks fly when Malcolm and his dimwitted but beautiful chemistry partner agree to a secret romantic relationship.  (Repeat) IFC
04:15 AM
"Blackout"  Francis decides to surprise the family by coming home but ends up knocking out the lights in the house.  (Repeat) IFC
04:45 AM
"Army Buddy"  When Lois finds renewed energy with orthotic inserts for her shoes, Hal fears she will not look to him for support anymore and plots to destroy the inserts.  (Repeat) IFC
06:00 PM
"Reese Comes Home"  Reese parachutes into Afghanistan, and then, posing as an Afghan woman, he deserts the Army.  (Repeat) IFC
06:30 PM
"Buseys Run Away"  The Buseys disappear after Dewey leaves the special-needs class; Hal becomes the leader of a group of brainless bodybuilders.  (Repeat) IFC
07:00 PM
"Standee"  When Hal and the garbageman get into a trash-dumping war, Hal enlists Reese's help.  (Repeat) IFC
07:30 PM
"Pearl Harbor"  Malcolm and Reese plot revenge after they realize their teenage neighbor, Jessica, has tricked each of them into believing the other is gay.  (Repeat) IFC
08:00 PM
"Kitty's Back"  Kitty returns and asks Lois for help getting Kitty's estranged husband back; Francis comes home and puts Dewey through the torturous "Brotherhood Initiation."  (Repeat) IFC
Malcolm in the Middle

The Cleavers they ain't. Mom is a screaming control freak, Dad is a goofy human hairball, oldest son Francis escaped the family at a young age, Reese is just criminal, Dewey is a space cadet and young Jamie is the scapegoat. The middle kid, Malcolm (who delivers the narrative for the capers of this whacked-out clan) is a brainiac who doesn't want to be burdened by his genius.

Current cast
Jane Kaczmarek as Lois Wilkerson
Bryan Cranston as Hal Wilkerson
Frankie Muniz as Malcolm Wilkerson
Christopher Masterson as Francis Wilkerson
Justin Berfield as Reese Wilkerson
Erik Sullivan as Dewey Wilkerson
Craig lamar Traylor as Stevie Kenarban

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