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Income Property

Scott McGillivray helps first-time home buyers. 

Scott Mcgillivray (Host)

11:00 AM
"Making Mom Proud"  Sisters who want to invest their inheritance on an income property consider a turnkey property, a detached fixer-upper and a downtown row house.  (Repeat) DIY
12:00 PM
"Rent Cheques for a Cause"  Rodrigo and Ana need to find and renovate their first dedicated income property so that they can fund opening an orphanage in Rodrigo's native Ecuador.  (Repeat) DIY
01:00 PM
"Third Time's a Charm"  A couple wants to find an income property in order to afford a larger home that can accommodate a growing family.  (Repeat) DIY
02:00 PM
"Kuo-Bao & Megan"  A young couple plans to use income from investment properties to support themselves and their aging parents.  (Repeat) DIY
03:00 PM
"Dan & Tania"  A young couple wants to find a home with multiple units in the big city.  (Repeat) DIY
04:00 PM
"Alison & Deirdre"  A woman wants to buy an income property, but her sister thinks it is too risky.  (Repeat) DIY
05:00 PM
"Jeff & Kirsti"  Newlyweds must learn about balancing a home and investment property.  (Repeat) DIY
06:00 PM
"Karen & Kevin"  A suburban couple has different opinions on income properties.  (Repeat) DIY
07:00 PM
"Marli & Toby"  Serial renters search for homes with income potential.  (Repeat) DIY
Income Property

Host and renovator Scott McGillivray shows homeowners with cash problems how to create rental suites in their home, as a way to generate additional revenue to defray mortgage costs. In each episode, McGillivray presents his client with two design options. After they pick the one that meets their needs, the host and his team of contractors renovate the space, with the meticulous McGillivray overseeing a sleek and cost-effective makeover.

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Scott Mcgillivray

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