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Friday Night Lights

A small Texas town has high expectations for its top-ranked football team. 

07:00 PM
"Black Eyes & Broken Hearts"  The black players on the Panthers refuse to play unless Mac is fired for his comments; Julie's friendship with Tyra becomes more destructive; Jason makes a life-changing decision; Matt tries to win back Julie.  (Repeat) ESPNCL
08:00 PM
"I Think We Should Have Sex"  With the team deep in the playoffs, the players feel untouchable; Julie drops a bombshell on unsuspecting Matt; Tami sees Matt buying condoms at the supermarket; Tim's relationship with his father takes a turn for the worse.  (Repeat) ESPNCL
09:00 PM
"Extended Families"  Buddy finds himself in the doghouse when his affair is discovered; with her family falling apart, Lyla turns to Jason; Waverly takes Smash for a midnight swim; coach Taylor has a meeting with TMU.  (Repeat) ESPNCL
10:00 PM
"Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes"  Julie makes it clear to her parents that she does not want to move out of Dillon and away from Matt; Jason gets bad news from the quad-rugby recruiters; Riggins befriends a single mother and her son.  (Repeat) ESPNCL
Friday Night Lights

After being ousted as Dillon High's football coach, Coach Eric Taylor must build a team from the ground up at East Dillon. Eric's wife, Tami, also is challenged in her role as principal at West Dillon, as the parents of students who were zoned out of the district blame her for their kids being thrust into a less-than-desirable situation at East Dillon. While dealing with issues at their respective jobs, Eric and Tami also face challenges in their family life with teenage daughter Julie.

Current cast
Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor
Connie Britton as Tami Taylor
Aimee Teegarden as Julie Taylor
Michael Jordan as Vince Howard
Jurnee Smollett as Jess Merriweather
Matt Lauria as Luke Cafferty
Madison Burge as Becky Sproles
Grey Damon as Hastings Ruckle
Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins
Jesse Plemons as Landry Clarke

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