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Magic City

A hotelier conducts business with a mob boss among the glitz and glamour of late-1950s Miami Beach. 

01:10 AM
"Adapt or Die"  Ike goes to Cuba to retrieve Maria's ashes and begin his plan to oust Ben; Stevie is pulled closer toward Ben's world; Stevie offers a chemical solution to a physically exhausted Vera.  (Repeat) STZE
02:05 AM
"Crossroads"  Ike makes a risky offer to mob boss Sy Berman; Danny commits to Jack Klein and learns the truth about Ben; tragedy strikes when Ben ruins an arms deal with the Cubans.  (Repeat) STZE
10:05 PM
"World in Changes"  Meg uses connections to fight the gambling bill and grows closer to Ike in the process; Vera faces reality about her future in dancing; the busted arms deal stirs up problems for Danny; Stevie gets an offer from Ben.  (Repeat) STZE
11:00 PM
"Sitting on Top of the World"  The hotel hosts a decadent deejay convention; Mercedes shares a revelation with Vera; Ike schemes to fix the Cuban lottery; Ben looks for revenge in the wrong places.  (Repeat) STZE
12:50 AM
"... And Your Enemies Closer"  Ike's ties to Victor are damaged when he makes a deal to run the Havana hotels; Stevie begins a new job with Ben; Klein vows to ruin Ike as passage of the gambling bill draws near; Sy Berman arrives in Miami.  (Repeat) STZE
01:45 AM
"The Sins of the Father"  Ike and Ben's future rests on the outcome of the gambling bill; Klein considers Ike's offer regarding the Butcher; the end approaches for Stevie and Lily; Vera is overwhelmed with grief.  (Repeat) STZE
Magic City

It's the late 1950s in flashy and turbulent Miami Beach, and the Miramar Playa Hotel is the place to be and be seen. As Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba just offshore, wealthy guests crowd the hotel's main room and the Kennedys, anti-Castro forces, the mob and the CIA hold court in the luxurious lobby. At the center of all the action is Ike Evans, a one-time cabana boy and now visionary owner of the Miramar Playa. But behind Ike's charm and easy-going manner are deeply buried secrets, mysteries even to his second wife, Vera, and his three kids. To finance his dream, Ike went into business years ago with mob boss Ben ``The Butcher'' Diamond, who doesn't appreciate Ike's desperate attempts to end their partnership. Amid political upheaval in Cuba and darker deals closer to home, Ike is intent on protecting his family, and his dream, even as his world in the Magic City threatens to crumble.

Current cast
Jeffrey dean Morgan as Ike Evans
Olga Kurylenko as Vera Evans
Danny Huston as Ben Diamond
Steven Strait as Stevie Evans
Christian Cooke as Danny Evans
Jessica Marais as Lily Diamond
Kelly Lynch as Meg Bannock
Yul Vazquez as Victor Lazaro
Dominik García-lorido as Mercedes Lazaro
Elena Satine as Judi Silver

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