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Pit Bulls and Parolees

Tia Torres and a crew of paroled felons care for abused and abandoned pit bulls and other dogs. 

Tia Torres

Rasha Drachkovitch (Executive Producer), Lisa Lucas (Executive Producer)

11:03 PM
"Sneak Peek"  Preview of the upcoming new season of "Pit Bulls and Parolees."  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Can't Give Up"  As the team drives all the way to Michigan for a home check, they get sidetracked by an emergency rescue.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Out of the Dark"  Tia recruits the twins and a new work-release prisoner to rescue a pit bull from a cavernous hole; Mariah helps Tia with a heart-wrenching adoption.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Not Meant to Be"  Dog does not connect with his would-be adopter who drove hundreds of miles from Texas; work-release inmate is in hot water when prison guards visit Villalobos.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Unleashed"  A look back at the memorable moments of season 5.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Risky Business"  Parolee is headed down the wrong path, only days after being released from prison; former volunteer comes back to adopt a dog, but her Boxer has other plans.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Healing Hearts"  Dog is left tied up in the blistering summer heat; Matt comes home to save a pit bull from being put down; Tania and Perry decide to adopt a new dog.  (Repeat) APL
Pit Bulls and Parolees

``Pit Bulls and Parolees'' follows the work of Tia Torres, a renowned trainer of pit bull terriers and a founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center. The rehabilitation and placement center houses hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs of all breeds, and the center has a crew of paroled felons who help Torres and her daughters Tania and Mariah care for the animals. It is a chance at redemption for both man and man's best friend.

Current cast
Tia Torres

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