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Untamed and Uncut

Stories of close encounters with wild animals from the people who lived to tell about them. 

Bruce Nozick (Narrator)

03:00 AM
"Mayhem & Miracles"  A co-pilot and passengers retell the story of the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane crash; a television host angers an elephant.  (Repeat) APL
04:00 AM
"Under My Skin"  A researcher in the Arctic circle is infested with botflies; a man running with the bulls takes a fall; a barrel racer's horse rears up and flips on top of her.  (Repeat) APL
06:00 AM
"Goose Attack"  A crocodile bites a showman's arm during a performance; a goose attacks a fisherman and his dog; a rodeo rider is kicked in the head when he falls from his horse.  (Repeat) APL
07:00 AM
"Bull Poker"  A black bull charges a poker contest; a group of men comes to the aid of an injured baby rhinoceros; a fisherman reels in a lemon shark.  (Repeat) APL
08:00 AM
"Elephant Shock"  Rescuers try to save an elephant whose trunk is wrapped around a live electrical wire; a bull veers off course during a water buffalo race; a baby polar bear is caught in hunter's trap.  (Repeat) APL
Untamed and Uncut

CGI animation helps illuminate stories from around the world that recount how someone's life has been changed forever by an unexpected encounter with an animal, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes utterly terrifying.

Current cast
Bruce Nozick

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