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Untamed and Uncut

Stories of close encounters with wild animals from the people who lived to tell about them. 

Bruce Nozick (Narrator)

06:00 AM
"Shark Takes Leg"  A woman is caught in a tug-of-war between her rescuers and a shark; A rookie competitor is kicked in the head by a wild horse.  (Repeat) APL
07:00 AM
"Leopard Attack"  A park ranger is mauled while attempting to relocate a leopard; a dog is swept away by a raging river current; a firefighter is attacked by killer bees.  (Repeat) APL
08:00 AM
"Beware of Charlie Bullware"  A cowboy's attempt to ride a bull fails; a frog is saved by an unlikely hero; a kangaroo attacks a mascot.  (Repeat) APL
Untamed and Uncut

CGI animation helps illuminate stories from around the world that recount how someone's life has been changed forever by an unexpected encounter with an animal, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes utterly terrifying.

Current cast
Bruce Nozick

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