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Ice Cold Gold

Eight American prospectors seek their fortunes in the rocks below Greenland's melted ice sheets. 

Cynthia Palormo (Executive Producer), David Casey (Executive Producer), Jed Rauscher (Executive Producer), Patrick Deluca (Executive Producer)

05:00 AM
"Eqi Gold"  Sixty Degree Resources' final hope may lie in the gold of Eqi; despite the success of Saqqaq, the seven miners are about to reach their tipping point, because Cloud Island is such a huge failure.  (Repeat) APL
Ice Cold Gold

Reality TV producers will go to great lengths to film any program they think has ratings potential, and in the case of the well-worn subject of prospecting, they'll even go to the ends of the earth. ``Ice Cold Gold'' introduces viewers to a team of miners who are roughing it big-time, as they search for precious metals and gems in parts of Greenland where humans have never been before. Can they strike it rich against all odds (not likely) while struggling to survive in a place more fit for polar bears than man?

Cynthia Palormo (Executive Producer) , David Casey (Executive Producer) , Jed Rauscher (Executive Producer) , Patrick Deluca (Executive Producer)

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