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Ice Cold Gold

"The Beast Within"

On the miner's final week, tempers, cursing and threats are flying as two miners face the possibility of being stranded in the Arctic for the winter, while 450 miles away an unstable glacier and landslides threaten the other miner's lives.  (Repeat)

Thu 3/5 8:00 PM  APL
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Interests

Cynthia Palormo (Executive Producer), David Casey (Executive Producer), Jed Rauscher (Executive Producer), Patrick Deluca (Executive Producer)

11:00 PM
"Sneak Peeks"  A preview of the upcoming new season of "Ice Cold Gold."  (Repeat) APL
07:00 AM
"David and Goliath"  Eight American prospectors team up to harvest mineral wealth located in the rocks below Greenland's melted ice sheets.  (Repeat) APL
08:00 AM
"There's No Place Like Storo"  The miners target a location on an uninhabited island in the Denmark Strait with only six weeks remaining in the expedition.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Fractured"  Americo reveals his discovery with the Feldmans at the miners meeting; despite differing opinions from John and Gator, the entire team decides to investigate Americo's find.  (Repeat) APL
10:00 AM
"Hitting the Wall"  The physically and mentally drained miners direct their attention and resources to locating rubies and sapphires.  (Repeat) APL
11:00 AM
"Discord, Deer and Discovery"  A massive storm batters the camp, forcing the miners to work together to repair the damage; tensions mount as the team worries about its operation.  (Repeat) APL
12:00 PM
"Redemption Ridge"  The team has only 10 days remaining in Greenland; four individuals are selected to hunt for rubies on the island of Fiskenaesset.  (Repeat) APL
01:00 PM
"Ruby Fever"  Sixty Degree Resources, a small American mining company, returns to Greenland.  (Repeat) APL
02:00 PM
"The Belly of the Red Beast"  Greenland's wild frontier causes big problems for the American miners who have their sights set on what could be the largest ruby deposit in the Arctic.  (Repeat) APL
03:00 PM
"In the Red"  The miners face major obstacles as they embark for the Red Zone, the rich ruby deposit they discovered last year.  (Repeat) APL
Ice Cold Gold

Reality TV producers will go to great lengths to film any program they think has ratings potential, and in the case of the well-worn subject of prospecting, they'll even go to the ends of the earth. ``Ice Cold Gold'' introduces viewers to a team of miners who are roughing it big-time, as they search for precious metals and gems in parts of Greenland where humans have never been before. Can they strike it rich against all odds (not likely) while struggling to survive in a place more fit for polar bears than man?

Cynthia Palormo (Executive Producer) , David Casey (Executive Producer) , Jed Rauscher (Executive Producer) , Patrick Deluca (Executive Producer)

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