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Too Cute!

A look various baby animals and their first few months of life. 

Henry Strozier (Narrator)

11:00 AM
"Pint Sized: Chatty Kittens"  Chester the Siamese desperately searches for peace and quiet away from his eight loud siblings; Pippa works at a cat clinic while simultaneously caring for six tiny British Shorthairs.  (Repeat) APL
11:30 AM
"Pint Sized: Kitten Puffs"  Siberian soulmates' son Calvin is a fireball and puts their relationship to the test; Izzie the Turkish Angora kitten has a tough life balancing her personal style while living in a cats only grooming salon.  (Repeat) APL
12:00 PM
"Musical Kittens"  Turkish Van needs help from a dog to keep her kittens in check; six European Burmese have loud voices in musical home; pair of Persians raise trio.  (Repeat) APL

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