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The Wayans Bros.

Two young brothers try their wings in New York.  (Repeat)

Wed 5/6 1:00 AM  MTV2
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, John Witherspoon, Paula Parker, Jill Tasker, Darrel Heath, Anna maria Horsford, Kent Masters king, Lela Rochon

John Bowab (Director), Phil Beauman (Writer), Buddy Johnson (Writer), Marlon Wayans (Director), Robert Bruce (Writer), Maiya Williams (Writer), Esa Lewis (Writer), Phil Kellard (Director), Aaron Speiser (Director), Eric Monte (Writer), Buzz Sapien (Director), Craig Wayans (Writer), Xavier Cook (Writer), Tom Bryant (Writer), Mitchell Marchand (Writer), Phil Kellard (Writer), Tom Moore (Writer), Fred Parker (Director), Ted Lange (Director), Josh Goldstein (Writer), Erma Elzy-jones (Director), Kenny Buford (Writer), Glynn Turman (Director), Devon k. Shepard (Writer), Dennis Snee (Writer), Joel Zwick (Director), Terri Mccoy (Director), Glynn r. Turman (Director), Rae Kraus (Director), Gary Halvorson (Director), Scott Baio (Director), Gerren Keith (Director), Alison Taylor (Writer), Renee Phillips (Writer), Gail Honigberg (Writer), Tony Singletary (Director), Manny Basanese (Writer), John Sgueglia (Director), Barry Gold (Writer), Tony Singeltary (Director), Glenn Casale (Director), Liz Sage (Writer), Ben Montanio (Writer), Vince Cheung (Writer), Jim Evering (Writer), Linda m. Yearwood (Writer), Leonard r. Garner jr. (Director), Shelley Jensen (Director)

12:30 AM
"Pops' Daughter"  A mysterious girl claims Pops is her father.  (Repeat) MTV2
01:00 AM
"Stand Up Guy"  Marlon's successful stand-up act involves family put-downs.  (Repeat) MTV2
01:30 AM
"Unspoken Token"  Shawn dreams he is J.J. on the series "Good Times."  (Repeat) MTV2
01:00 AM
"Fatal Subtraction"  On the rebound, Shawn falls for a girl he met at the newsstand.  (Repeat) MTV2
01:30 AM
"Blood Is Thicker Than Watercolor"  An art patron pronounces Marlon's tarp a masterpiece.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:00 AM
"Two Men and a Baby"  The boys find a baby abandoned on their doorstep.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:30 AM
"Loot"  Shawn finds $100,000 stashed in a garbage bag.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:00 AM
"The Liars Club"  Monique tells a former beau she is married -- to Shawn.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:30 AM
"Scared Straight"  Cynics Marlon and Shawn eat goodies intended for a restless spirit.  (Repeat) MTV2
01:00 AM
"Head of State"  President Clinton may stop at Pop's diner.  (Repeat) MTV2
The Wayans Bros.

Brothers Shawn and Marlon are on the lookout for money and success, though the two are complete opposites. Shawn is responsible and conservative while Marlon is free-spirited and liberal. They are not immune to sibling rivalry, but frequently enjoy being each other's partner in crime.

Current cast
Marlon Wayans as Marlon Williams
Shawn Wayans as Shawn Williams
John Witherspoon as John "Pops" Williams
Paula Parker as Monique Lattimore
Jill Tasker as Lou Malino
Darrel Heath as Reggie
Anna maria Horsford as Dee Baxter

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