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Rob & Big

Cameras follow professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard. 

02:21 PM
"Harry the Healer"  Big follows Rob to a street shaman, who promotes New Age therapy.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:54 PM
"Haunted House"  When Rob believes he feels a presence in the house, Rob and Big Black try their hand at ghost-busting.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:28 PM
"Parents"  Rob harasses his mother during his family's visit; the group tours Hollywood, attends a show and nearly gets arrested.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:00 PM
"New Assistant"  Rob hires his cousin Drama as his personal assistant.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:30 PM
"Baby"  Big Black tells Rob that he is going to be a father.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:00 PM
"Bobby Light"  Rob reinvents himself and sets out to record a song.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:30 PM
"Vegas"  Rob and Big Black decide to charter a party bus to Las Vegas for Drama's 21st birthday.  (Repeat) MTV2
Rob & Big

This reality series follows professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard, nicknamed Big Black. The two live together in the Hollywood Hills and hatch crazy plans. One week they decide to teach Meaty the bulldog to skateboard and another they buy a miniature horse that they plan to keep in their backyard. Full of practical jokes and funny stunts, Rob and Big are complete opposites who share with viewers their odd lives as best friends.

Current cast
Rob Dyrdek Christopher Boykin

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