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CSI: Miami

"No Good Deed"

The investigation into the murder of a neighborhood do-gooder reveals he was planning on exposing something big.  (Repeat)

Mon 4/28 3:12 AM  AMC
Duration: 1 hour, 01 minute
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Action Adventure, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Mystery and Suspense

David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Eva Larue, Omar Miller, Christian Clemenson (Guest Star), Taylor Cole (Guest Star), Wes Ramsey (Guest Star), Patrick Breen (Guest Star), Matt Angel (Guest Star), Reshma Shetty (Guest Star), Manny Jr. (Guest Star), David Burke (Guest Star), Wolfgang Bodison (Guest Star), Cassidy Freeman (Guest Star), Diego Serrano (Guest Star), Vinicius Machado (Guest Star), Joel Murray (Guest Star), Ryan Mcpartlin (Guest Star), Dean Cudworth (Guest Star)

Jerry Bruckheimer (Executive Producer), Carol Mendelsohn (Executive Producer), Ann Donahue (Executive Producer), Anthony Zuiker (Executive Producer), Matt earl Beesley (Director)

05:00 PM
"Going, Going, Gone"  The team's investigation into the death of a young woman, killed after being auctioned off at a charity event, leads to a plot that could put the entire city in jeopardy.  (Repeat) WE
06:00 PM
"Come As You Are"  When a Marine recruiter is murdered, the team delves into the world of military enlistment to try to find the killer; Natalia must face her ex-husband when he asks out one of her co-workers.  (Repeat) WE
06:00 PM
"Miami Confidential"  The team uncovers a methedrine lab in a murder victim's apartment; an unscrupulous FBI agent has a secret life.  (Repeat) WSBK
07:00 PM
"Backstabbers"  The team must find a suspected terrorist, who goes on the run after a failed attempt on her life.  (Repeat) WE
08:00 PM
"Internal Affairs"  Horatio, the lab's night shift and Calleigh's ex-boyfriend must find evidence that proves Natalia's innocence when she is accused of her ex-husband's murder.  (Repeat) WE
09:00 PM
"Throwing Heat"  Horatio and the bomb squad must defuse a land mine before it detonates; Delko is sued for his role in a domestic dispute.  (Repeat) WE
09:00 PM
"Raising Caine"  Horatio's ex, Kyle's mother, resurfaces as a billionaire's widow, who will do anything to get her son back.  (Repeat) WSBK
10:00 PM
"No Man's Land"  Hijackers take a truck full of confiscated weapons, and Horatio links the crime to Clavo Cruz; a confiscated missile launched into the courthouse helps Clavo escape; a member of Horatio's team is fatally shot.  (Repeat) WE
11:00 PM
"High Octane"  A man is decapitated while performing a stunt, and Horatio believes his death was more than just an accident when he learns the hydraulics system had been tampered with.  (Repeat) WE
11:35 PM
"Raising Caine"  Horatio's ex, Kyle's mother, resurfaces as a billionaire's widow, who will do anything to get her son back.  (Repeat) WCBS
CSI: Miami

A Florida team of forensics investigators uses cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes. Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami.

Current cast
David Caruso as Lt. Horatio Caine
Emily Procter as Det. Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodriguez as Det. Eric Delko
Jonathan Togo as Det. Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn as Det. Frank Tripp
Eva Larue as Natalia Boa Vista
Omar Miller as Walter Simmons

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