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Law & Order

"A Losing Season"

A pro basketball player is a suspect in a shooting that killed a pregnant banker and left her fetus clinging to life.  (Repeat)

Sat 3/7 12:00 PM  TNTHD
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Drama, HD

Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, Jesse Martin, Angie Harmon, S. epatha Merkerson, Dianne Wiest

Dick Wolf (Executive Producer), William Finkelstein (Executive Producer), Arthur Penn (Executive Producer)

06:00 PM
"Jeopardy"  When a triple murder case ends with the suspect's acquittal, McCoy and Kincaid investigate the judge assigned to the trial.  (Repeat) WE
07:00 PM
"Hot Pursuit"  When Briscoe and Curtis capture a couple after a violent crime spree, the woman claims she was forced to commit the crimes against her will.  (Repeat) WE
08:00 PM
"Paranoia"  Briscoe and his new partner investigate murder at a college; McCoy risks a lawyer's disbarment to win a case.  (Repeat) WE
09:00 PM
"Humiliation"  Kincaid prosecutes a case alone when she is certain that a prominent plastic surgeon who is accused of murdering a prostitute is guilty.  (Repeat) WE
10:00 PM
"Angel"  The detectives investigate a kidnapping case involving a woman's claim that her infant vanished from a church while she was in the confessional.  (Repeat) WE
11:00 PM
"Blood Libel"  An art teacher's murder leads the detectives to an anti-Semitic student and exposure of a pay-for-grades scandal.  (Repeat) WE
12:00 AM
"Remand"  An arson suspect, hoping to make a deal, feeds detectives false information that may lead to the release of a convicted rapist.  (Repeat) WE
04:30 AM
"Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die"  Stone and Robinette struggle to make a case against an Ivy Leaguer suspected of his girlfriend's murder.  (Repeat) SUNDANC
05:00 AM
"Endurance"  A boy with severe disabilities dies from smoke inhalation in a suspicious fire in an apartment building.  (Repeat) TNT
05:00 AM
"Endurance"  A boy with severe disabilities dies from smoke inhalation in a suspicious fire in an apartment building.  (Repeat) TNTHD
Law & Order

Filmed on location in New York, the drama showcases the sometimes-complex process of determining guilt or innocence, while lives hang in the balance. Often inspired by the latest headlines, the plots highlight legal, ethical or personal dilemmas to which people can relate.

Current cast
Sam Waterston as Exec. Asst. D.A. Jack McCoy
S. epatha Merkerson as Lt. Anita Van Buren
Anthony Anderson as Det. Kevin Bernard
Alana De la garza as Asst. D.A. Connie Rubirosa
Jeremy Sisto as Det. Cyrus Lupo
Linus Roache as Exec. Asst. D.A. Michael Cutter

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