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FBI: Criminal Pursuit

Examines how the modern FBI operates in the age of sophisticated law-enforcement technologies. 

07:00 AM
"50 Shades of Evil"  Several women and hunted and sexually tortured.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"You Belong to Me"  After 3 people are killed the FBI tracks a man who crosses the Rio Grande to seek protection in a Mexican prison.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Taken by Force"  A drug gang kidnaps a 16 year old girl at gunpoint; weeks later police are lead to her captors.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Lurking Menace"  In search of a missing 9 year old who disappeared from her bed in the middle of the night.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"All-American Sex Slaves"  A detective is stunned to discover a violent sex slavery ring in the wealthy state of Connecticut.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"The Gainesville Ripper"  A killing spree horrifies residents of Gainesville, Fla., when five college students are found brutally murdered in three days.  (Repeat) ID
FBI: Criminal Pursuit

How does the modern Federal Bureau of Investigation operate, especially in the age of sophisticated law-enforcement technologies? This series, ahem, launches an investigation into the 21st-century FBI, where the challenges range from pursuing arsonists, cyber criminals and arms dealers to tracking down terrorists. As tactics for hunting the world's most dangerous criminals evolve, so too do the agents who work these high-profile cases, and the series depicts the intensity and captures the human drama experienced by the FBI's heroes.

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