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On the Case With Paula Zahn

Paula Zahn talks to investigators, witnesses, victims' families and incarcerated criminals. 

Paula Zahn (Host), Scott Sternberg (Executive Producer), Scott Weinberger (Executive Producer), Paula Zahn (Executive Producer), Diana Sperrazza (Executive Producer)

07:00 AM
"This Is for Her"  A deadly home invasion leaves a father of three dead.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Innocent Witness"  A 2-year-old is the only witness to her mother's murder; evidence may force police to let a confessed killer go free.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Taken"  Three young girls are kidnapped, when the killer kidnaps again a young girl's heroic actions solves the case.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Murder Ordained?"  It appears to be a tragic accident when a minister's wife is found dead until another member of the congregation is murdered.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"A Killer in Disguise"  Police track down a killer responsible for three murders.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"A Knock on the Door"  A 5 year old boy finds his mother murdered in her bedroom.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Fatal Footage"  A woman is shot point blank in the head on her way to work leaving the police shocked, the city afraid, and her family devastated.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"At Death's Door"  A single mother, after being attacked and left for dead, is able to help police find her assailant.  (Repeat) ID
On the Case With Paula Zahn

Veteran journalist Paula Zahn steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations, tracking the drama of each story by featuring the opinions of those closest to the case, including law enforcement officials, the families of the victims and the incarcerated, lawyers from both sides, and first-time TV interviews with convicted murderers.

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