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Factory Made

How to make all kinds of products, from the most common to the most complex. 

Zach Fine (Narrator)

01:00 AM
Factory Made Cotton swabs; pinball machines; ceramic tile; wheat bread.  (Repeat) DFC
01:30 AM
Factory Made Marbles; water filters; toolbox; packing foam.  (Repeat) DFC
02:00 AM
Factory Made LED street lights; saw blades; coffee; opalescent glass.  (Repeat) DFC
03:00 AM
"Double Glazing; Ice Hockey Sticks; Fluorescent torches; Bus Seats"  Hockey sticks; flashlights, insulated windows; school bus seats.  (Repeat) DFC
03:30 AM
"Military Knives, Surfboards, Mattresses and Guacachips"  Military knives; surfboards; mattresses; guacachips.  (Repeat) DFC

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