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BBQ Pitmasters


Pitmasters Robbie Royal, Howie Kleinberg and Jack Waiboer head to the Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival in Okla. for their chance at becoming the BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion.  (Repeat)

Sat 5/3 1:00 PM  DEST
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Cooking, Interests

Melissa Cookston

Myron Mixon (Judge), Tuffy Stone (Judge)

01:00 PM
"Baby Light My Fire"  Three pitmasters compete to cook the best baby back ribs and pork butt at the annual Pigs In Flight BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee.  (Repeat) DEST
02:00 PM
"Try, Try, Tri-Tip Again"  Three Pitmasters compete at the Don't Be Cruel BBQ in Mississippi to see who has the best beef brisket and tri-tip; the Pitmasters' low-slow cooking skills are tested.  (Repeat) DEST
03:00 PM
"Trimming the Fat"  Legend Johnny Trigg competes against newer, younger barbecuers; the meats in the competition are pork belly and whole turkey.  (Repeat) DEST
04:00 PM
"All Hammed Up!"  LeeAnne Whippen, Shane McBride and the Brinson Brothers compete as they tackle a challenge of beef ribs and fresh bone-in ham.  (Repeat) DEST
05:00 PM
"The Grand Porkin' Finale"  A battle of barbecue's best; The five winning teams from all competitions go head to head.  (Repeat) DEST
06:00 PM
"Doctors, Divas and 2 Worthless Nuts"  In Salisbury, Maryland, Diva Q., 2 Worthless Nuts and Southern Krunk BBQ are competing to turn in both white and dark meat on chicken and a rack of pork at the same time.  (Repeat) DEST
07:00 PM
"Sweet Georgia Ham"  (Repeat) DEST
08:00 PM
"Lone Star Smoke War"  A battle for the title of "BBQ Pitmasters Texas Champion" and $50,000.  (Repeat) DEST
09:00 PM
"Kansas City Que-off"  Competing for the "BBQ Pitmasters Kansas City Champion" title and $50,000.  (Repeat) DEST
10:00 PM
"Race to the Finish"  At the Martinsville Speedway in southern Va., three couples, Rob and Amy Bagby, Jennifer and Tommy Duncan, and Tommy and Lisa Houston work to make the best BBQ and hope to find themselves with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in pit row.  (Repeat) DEST
BBQ Pitmasters 5

Destination America turns up the sizzle in the fifth season of this series, an in-depth look at the world of competitive barbecue. Cameras follow a revolving cast of ``pitmasters'' as they grill at the top barbecue festivals across the country, from the Great American BBQ in Kansas City, Mo., all the way through the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational in Lynchburg, Tenn. Each episode's champion advances until a final cook-off determines the ultimate BBQ Pitmaster, who wins $50,000, among other prizes. Licking their chops is the panel of judges headed by barbecue champions Myron Mixon and Tuffy Stone, as well as guest tasters on each episode.

Current cast
Myron Mixon Tuffy Stone Melissa Cookston

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