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BBQ Pitmasters

"BBQ Dreams Come True"

Three semi-final winners return one last time to battle it out for $50,000, a spot in the Kingsford Invitational, and the ultimate title of Kingsford BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion.  (Repeat)

Sat 7/4 8:00 PM  DEST
Duration: 2 hours
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Cooking, Interests

Melissa Cookston

Myron Mixon (Judge), Tuffy Stone (Judge)

09:00 AM
"Por-ken for Dinner"  At the 12th Annual Hog Wild Festival in Ala., three chefs compete for the title.  (Repeat) DEST
10:00 AM
"Everything is Beefier in Texas"  Glenn Gross, Garry Roark and Michael Character cook beef ribs and shoulder for a chance to win the title of Kingsford BBQ Pitmaster Grand Champion.  (Repeat) DEST
11:00 AM
"BBQ Border Battle"  Andy King, Jeff Vanderlinde, and Scott Lane travel the nation to show the judges that you don't need to be from the south to know how to BBQ; they are all competing to win money and the title of "Kingsford BBQ Pitmaster Grand Champion."  (Repeat) DEST
12:00 PM
"Race to the Finish"  At the Martinsville Speedway in southern Va., three couples, Rob and Amy Bagby, Jennifer and Tommy Duncan, and Tommy and Lisa Houston work to make the best BBQ and hope to find themselves with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in pit row.  (Repeat) DEST
01:00 PM
"Kicking It in KC"  Lynnae Oxley, Cody and Colby Archie, and Danny Coogle compete at the 10th Annual "Smoke in the Spring BBQ Contest" for $50,000.  (Repeat) DEST
02:00 PM
"A NY State of 'Cue"  At the 2nd Annual New York City BBQ Cookoff in Staten Island, N.Y., Jamie Geer, Rich Tuttle and Stump McDowell are competing for the title of BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion.  (Repeat) DEST
03:00 PM
"Champions Q-Off"  Previous BBQ Pitmasters champions Mark West, Rod Gray and Corey Brinson battle it out in an all-star barbecue showdown at the Barnesville BBQ and Blues Festival.  (Repeat) DEST
04:00 PM
"O-Cue-Homa"  Pitmasters Robbie Royal, Howie Kleinberg and Jack Waiboer head to the Bixby BBQ and Blues Festival in Okla. for their chance at becoming the BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion.  (Repeat) DEST
05:00 PM
"Virginia is for BBQ Lovers"  Returning champions David Bouska, Michael Character and Mark "Pig Daddy" Little kick off semi-finals.  (Repeat) DEST
06:00 PM
"My Kind of Q!"  Returning champions Lynnae Oxley, Jeff Vanderlinde and Rob Bagby face off.  (Repeat) DEST
BBQ Pitmasters 7

Season 7 of ``BBQ Pitmasters'' stokes rivalry coals as the best competitors from previous campaigns return to defend their titles. The panel of judges is once again headed by barbecue champions Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone and Moe Cason, who have front-row seats to the hottest battles in the country. The challenges are sure to be spicy, as barbecue teams from Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Memphis, Tenn., and of course, Kansas City, Mo., duke it out to see which ones advance to a final cook-off. The ultimate BBQ champion wins a $50,000 cash prize and entry into the prestigious Kingsford Invitational.

Current cast
Myron Mixon Tuffy Stone Moe Cason

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