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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

A teen with special powers wants a normal life. 

Melissa Hart, Soleil Frye, Elisa Donovan, Nick Bakay, Andrew Walker, Diana-maria Riva, Bumper Robinson, John Ducey, Dylan Neal, Samantha Bush, Jeff m. Hall, Trevor Lissauer, Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick, David Lascher, Nate Richert, Martin Mull, Jon Huertas, China Shavers, Bebe Neuwirth, Jenna leigh Green, Lindsay Sloane, Alimi Ballard, Amy Allred, Michelle Beaudoin, Paul Feig

Paula Hart (Executive Producer), Bruce Ferber (Executive Producer), Scott Marshall (Director), Suzanne Gangursky (Writer), Ken Koch (Director), Dan Berendsen (Writer), Bill Layton (Director), Adam England (Writer), Asaad Kelada (Director), Dan Kael (Writer), Mark Cendrowski (Director), Bill Rosenthal (Writer), Andrew Borakove (Writer), Melissa Hart (Director), Nancy Cohen (Writer), Adam Hamburger (Writer), David Hamburger (Writer), Anson Williams (Director), Trish Baker (Writer), Torian Hughes (Writer), Tod Himmel (Writer), Jennifer Glickman (Writer), Brian Roberts (Director), Jeff Melman (Director), David Babcock (Writer), Jon Vandergriff (Writer), Henry Winkler (Director), Laurie Gelman (Writer), Beth Broderick (Director), Ruth Bennett (Writer), Jeff Mellman (Director), Barry Vigon (Writer), Tom Walla (Writer), Andrew Tsao (Director), Bruce Ferber (Writer), Marley Sims (Writer), Grant Nieporte (Writer), Joyce Gittlin (Director), Amanda Bearse (Director), Nell Scovell (Executive Producer), Frank Conniff (Writer), Leonard r. Garner jr. (Director), Sheldon Bull (Writer), Renee Phillips (Writer), Sheldon Krasner (Writer), David Saling (Writer), Sheldon Bull (Director), Miriam Trogdon (Writer), Nick Bakay (Writer), Charlie Tercek (Writer), Danita Jones (Writer), Linda Day (Director), Fred Stoller (Writer), Holly Hester (Writer), Gary Halvorson (Director), Robby Benson (Director)

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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Spellman is a teenager with magical powers who comes from a long line of witches. Until going away to college, she lived with her wacky aunts, who would teach her to use her witchcraft wisely, and Salem, the talking black cat, who always has a scheme up his paw. As a high-school student, Sabrina is less judicious about using her powers than when she enters adulthood. The series is based on a 1960s comic-book series of the same name and an animated TV series that originally aired in the 1970s.

Current cast
Melissa Hart as Sabrina Spellman
Soleil Frye as Roxie King
Elisa Donovan as Morgan Cavanaugh
Nick Bakay as Salem the cat
Andrew Walker as Cole
Diana-maria Riva as Annie Martos
Bumper Robinson as James
John Ducey as Leonard

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