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Law & Order


McCoy must link jailed Russian mob suspects to money laundering and murder before their release on technicalities.  (Repeat)

Sat 4/26 5:00 AM  TNTHD
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Drama, HD

Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, Benjamin Bratt, S. epatha Merkerson, Steven Hill, Angie Harmon

Dick Wolf (Executive Producer), Ed Sherin (Executive Producer)

04:00 PM
"The Blue Wall"  Capt. Cragen is implicated in an internal police scandal, and Stone reluctantly prosecutes him on bribery and corruption charges.  (Repeat) WE
05:00 PM
"Confession"  Detective Phil Cerreta transfers to the precinct and takes charge of the investigation into the murder of Detective Greevey.  (Repeat) WE
06:00 PM
"Wages of Love"  Stone must combat the emotional testimony of an estranged wife on trial for the murder of her husband and his lover.  (Repeat) WE
07:00 PM
"Aria"  Concluding that a young suicide was forced into pornography by her mother, Stone charges the woman with manslaughter.  (Repeat) WE
08:00 PM
"Asylum"  A convicted murderer argues to be set free because detectives unlawfully searched his home, a cardboard box.  (Repeat) WE
09:00 PM
"God Bless the Child"  A couple who refused treatment on religious grounds for their gravely ill child are charged with murder later.  (Repeat) WE
10:00 PM
"Misconception"  An apparent attack on a pregnant woman who then miscarried is part of a blackmail scheme against her boss.  (Repeat) WE
10:00 PM
"Trophy"  Detectives link the murders of two male teens to a case that occurred five years earlier; McCoy fears he convicted the wrong man for the earlier murders.  (Repeat) SUNDANC
11:00 PM
"In Memory Of"  A child's corpse reopens a 31-year-old missing-persons case and forces a woman to delve into painful memories.  (Repeat) WE
11:00 PM
"Custody"  Paul Robinette returns as a defense attorney representing a crack-addicted black woman accused of kidnapping her son from his adoptive parents.  (Repeat) SUNDANC
Law & Order

Filmed on location in New York, the drama showcases the sometimes-complex process of determining guilt or innocence, while lives hang in the balance. Often inspired by the latest headlines, the plots highlight legal, ethical or personal dilemmas to which people can relate.

Current cast
Sam Waterston as Exec. Asst. D.A. Jack McCoy
S. epatha Merkerson as Lt. Anita Van Buren
Anthony Anderson as Det. Kevin Bernard
Alana De la garza as Asst. D.A. Connie Rubirosa
Jeremy Sisto as Det. Cyrus Lupo
Linus Roache as Exec. Asst. D.A. Michael Cutter

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