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The Closer

"Round File"

An old man confesses to murdering seven people; Fritz and Brenda find a home.  (Repeat)

Mon 6/8 12:00 AM  WNYW
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Action Adventure, Drama

11:00 PM
"Grave Doubts"  A missing gang-member's body is found with Lt. Provenza's business card in his pocket; Brenda's father calls.  (Repeat) WNYW
12:00 AM
"Saving Face"  The squad finds a body while attending the funeral of a former colleague; a bride holds Brenda responsible for ruining her wedding.  (Repeat) WNYW
11:00 PM
"Ruby"  The squad searches for a young girl who has been abducted; Sgt. Gabriel jeopardizes the case and his career by taking matters into his own hands.  (Repeat) WNYW
12:00 AM
"Round File"  An old man confesses to murdering seven people; Fritz and Brenda find a home.  (Repeat) WNYW
The Closer (2005)

Brenda Johnson, an Atlanta police detective, moves to Los Angeles and heads up a squad that handles sensitive, high-profile homicides. Although she clashes with some colleagues, her skills as a CIA-trained interrogator prove invaluable in obtaining confessions.

Current cast
Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson
J.k. Simmons as Asst. Chief Will Pope
Corey Reynolds as Sgt. David Gabriel
Robert Gossett as Cmdr. Taylor
G.w. Bailey as Detective Lt. Provenza
Tony Denison as Detective Lt. Andy Flynn
Michael Chan as Detective Mike Tao
Raymond Cruz as Detective Julio Sanchez
Phillip Keene as Buzz
Jon Tenney as Special Agent Fritz Howard

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