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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

"A Murderer Among Us"

A suicide prompts detectives to look at the victim's husband as a possible suspect in a series of racially motivated murders.  (Repeat)

Sun 9/6 3:00 AM  USA
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Drama

Vincent D'onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Courtney b. Vance, Jamey Sheridan, Samantha Buck (Guest Star), Thomas Waites (Guest Star)

Dick Wolf (Executive Producer), Rene Balcer (Executive Producer)

04:00 AM
"Assassin"  A political martyr from Kashmir, who appears to be an assassination target, becomes a suspect in the shootings of her assistant, bodyguard and brother.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
01:00 PM
"Want"  A shy man becomes the target of a murder investigation when Goren and Eames suspect he is killing and collecting pretty women in search of a mindless female to keep him company.  (Repeat) WE
02:00 PM
"Great Barrier"  Goren has to interrogate his chameleonlike nemesis, Nicole Wallace, when she becomes a suspect in the slaying of a jewelry thief.  (Repeat) WE
03:00 PM
"Eosphoros"  When a well-known atheist is kidnapped and murdered, Goren and Eames have no shortage of suspects, but the trail is hard to follow after two of the kidnappers are also found dead.  (Repeat) WE
04:00 PM
"In the Dark"  Goren and Eames search abandoned subway tunnels for the killer of homeless men, whose bodies were sold to medical labs, then they learn that each victim had been issued a credit card just before his death.  (Repeat) WE
05:00 PM
"Magnificat"  When a car bomb kills three young boys and injures their mother, the investigation reveals the woman's postpartum depression and questionable behavior by the father.  (Repeat) WE
02:00 AM
"The Gift"  Detectives link a young man's murder to practitioners of Santeria who duped the victim's mother into believing she has psychic powers.  (Repeat) USA
03:00 AM
"But Not Forgotten"  The detectives discover a ledger's worth of bodies while searching for a missing bookkeeper.  (Repeat) USA
04:00 AM
"Please Note..."  Goren and Eames search for a killer slaying parents in front of their children.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
01:00 PM
"Silver Lining"  The murder of an antiques appraiser puts Goren and Eames on the trail of a highly organized, proficient thief, who taunts them as they try to link him to a long list of stolen valuables.  (Repeat) WE
Law & Order: Criminal Intent

NYPD detectives of the Major Case Squad use unconventional methods to solve crimes. Like its predecessor, the original ``Law & Order,'' its storylines are often based on real-life headlines, and it features a cadre of quirky cops whose mission it is to find the criminals and make them pay.

Current cast
Vincent D'onofrio as Detective Robert Goren
Kathryn Erbe as Detective Alexandra Eames
Jay Sanders as Capt. Joseph Hannah
Jeff Goldblum as Detective Zack Nichols
Saffron Burrows as Detective Serena Stevens
Mary elizabeth Mastrantonio as Capt. Zoe Callas
Eric Bogosian as Capt. Danny Ross
Julianne Nicholson as Detective Megan Wheeler
Christopher Noth as Detective Mike Logan

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