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Accidentally frozen, a pizza delivery boy wakes up 1000 years later. 

03:42 PM
"Saturday Morning Fun Pit"  The Futurama gang stars in a trio of craptastic morning cartoons.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:14 PM
"Calculon 2.0"  To bring his favorite actor back to life, Bender goes grave robbing.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:46 PM
"Assie Come Home"  Bender searches the universe for his missing shiny metal rear end.  (Repeat) COMEDY
05:18 PM
"T.: The Terrestrial"  After being marooned on an distant planet, Fry is befriended by a young monster.  (Repeat) COMEDY
03:37 PM
"The Late Philip J. Fry"  The Professor invents a one-way time machine, but things go terribly wrong.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:11 PM
"That Darn Katz!"  Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats intent on destroying the planet.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:44 PM
"A Clockwork Origin"  The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.  (Repeat) COMEDY
05:14 PM
"The Prisoner of Benda"  A revolutionary invention allows the crew members to exchange minds.  (Repeat) COMEDY
04:33 PM
"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences"  Alien leader Lrrr faces a midlife crisis following a bungled Earth invasion.  (Repeat) COMEDY
05:03 PM
"The Mutants Are Revolting"  Leela leads an army of underground mutants in a rebellion against the surface people.  (Repeat) COMEDY

Accidentally frozen, pizza-deliverer Fry wakes up 1,000 years in the future. He is taken in by his sole descendant, an elderly and addled scientist who owns a small cargo delivery service. Among the other crew members are Capt. Leela, accountant Hermes, intern Amy, obnoxious robot Bender and lobsterlike moocher ``Dr.'' Zoidberg.

Current cast
Billy West as Phillip Fry/ Profesor Hubert Farnsworth/Dr. John Zoidberg
Katey Sagal as Taronga Leela
John Dimaggio as Bender
Lauren Tom as Amy Wong
Phil Lamarr as Hermes Conrad

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