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"Hello Bandit"

Dexter tries to focus on the children and fight his dark urges; Debra ends up on Quinn's doorstep.  (Repeat)

Sun 5/24 2:15 PM  NUVOTV
Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Drama

08:30 PM
"Easy as Pie"  Dexter and Miguel have differences in selecting a new victim; Rita discovers that Miguel's wife has suspicions; an old friend asks for Dexter's help.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
09:45 PM
"The Damage a Man Can Do"  Dexter tries to teach Miguel the "code"; Debra is closer to finding the skinner.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
11:00 PM
"About Last Night"  Dexter and Miguel's friendship is strained; Rita wants to confront Miguel; Debra searches furiously for Anton.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
12:15 AM
"Go Your Own Way"  Dexter and Miguel compete for the upper hand; Miguel presents Rita with a lavish gift; Debra questions her relationship with Anton.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
01:30 AM
"I Had a Dream"  Dexter needs to find a way to get rid of Miguel; Rita discovers that Miguel has been seeing someone else; Debra finds a clue to the Skinner's identity.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
02:45 AM
"Do You Take Dexter Morgan?"  Dexter attempts to calm Ramon; about to receive her detective's shield, Debra is blind-sided with information.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
01:00 PM
"Living the Dream"  Despite the appearance of a perfect life, Dexter struggles to settle into his domestic situation.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
02:15 PM
"Remains to Be Seen"  While investigating slayings with Agent Lundy, Dexter misplaces crucial evidence that could expose him.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
03:30 PM
"Blinded by the Light"  Vigilant neighbors, an inability to drive and a fascination with Trinity's technique interrupt Dexter's routines.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
04:45 PM
"Dex Takes a Holiday"  With Rita and the children out of town, Dexter gets time to himself.  (Repeat) NUVOTV

Dexter Morgan is a Miami-based blood splatter expert who doesn't just solve murders; he commits them too. In fact, he's a serial killer -- but he only murders the guilty, so he feels justified with his lifestyle choices. His policewoman sister and his cop co-workers have no idea Dexter lives a double life; however, adoptive father Harry knows his secret, and does, in fact, help Dexter hone his ``skills.'' It's a unique brand of justice for which charming Dexter feels a psychological hunger.

Current cast
Michael c. Hall as Dexter Morgan
Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
C.s. Lee as Vince Masuka
David Zayas as Angel Batista
James Remar as Harry Morgan
Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn
Geoff Pierson as Captain Tom Matthews
Aimee Garcia as Jamie Batista

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