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Survivors of a plane crash struggle for survival on a desert island. 

Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell, Emilie De ravin, Michael Emerson, Jeff Fahey, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Ken Leung, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O'quinn, Zuleikha Robinson, Malcolm Kelley, Henry Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Elizabeth Mitchell, Harold Perrineau, Maggie Grace, Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Watros, Ian Somerhalder, Adewale Akinnuoye-agbaje, Dominic Monaghan, Glenn Cannon

J.j. Abrams (Executive Producer), Damon Lindelof (Executive Producer), Bryan Burk (Executive Producer), Edward Kitsis (Writer), Adam Horowitz (Writer), Elizabeth Sarnoff (Writer), Paul Edwards (Director), Carlton Cuse (Writer), Damon Lindelof (Writer), Tucker Gates (Director), Jim Galasso (Writer), Jack Bender (Director), Paul Zbyszewski (Writer), Graham Roland (Writer), Steve Semel (Director), Dan Attias (Director), Melinda Taylor (Writer), Greggory Nations (Writer), Mario Van peebles (Director), Bobby Roth (Director), Stephen Williams (Director), Brian Vaughan (Writer), Greg Yaitanes (Director), Kyle Pennington (Writer), Mark Goldman (Director), Rod Holcomb (Director), Drew Goddard (Writer), Christina Kim (Writer), Eric Laneuville (Director), Fred Toye (Director), Jeff Pinkner (Writer), Karen Gaviola (Director), Jordan Rosenberg (Writer), Paris Barclay (Director), Alison Schapker (Writer), Monica Owusu-breen (Writer), J.j. Abrams (Writer), Jack Bender (Executive Producer), Jeff Pinkner (Executive Producer), Carlton Cuse (Executive Producer), Deran Sarafian (Director), Steven Maeda (Writer), Leonard Dick (Writer), Dawn Kelly (Writer), Matt Ragghianti (Writer), Roxann Dawson (Director), Matt earl Beesley (Director), Javier Grillo-marxuach (Writer), Adam Davidson (Director), Alan Taylor (Director), Craig Wright (Writer), Tudor Gates (Director), David Grossman (Director), Janet Tamaro (Writer), Robert Mandel (Director), Kevin Hooks (Director), David Fury (Writer), Brent Fletcher (Writer), Jennifer Johnson (Writer), Lynne e. Litt (Writer), Marita Grabiak (Director), Paul Dini (Writer), Michael Zinberg (Director), Christian Taylor (Writer), J.j. Abrams (Director), Jeffrey Lieber (Writer)

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Lost (2004)

The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were 1,000 miles off course when they crashed on a lush, mysterious island. Each person possesses a shocking secret, but they've got nothing on the island itself, which harbors a monstrous security system, a series of underground bunkers and a group of violent survivalists hidden in the shadows.

Current cast
Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
Emilie De ravin as Claire Littleton
Michael Emerson as Ben Linus
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus
Matthew Fox as Dr. Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia as Hugo ``Hurley'' Reyes
Josh Holloway as James ``Sawyer'' Ford
Daniel dae Kim as Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon

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