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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

A young boy performs action-based stunts. 

02:30 AM
"Kyle 2.0; Kart to Kart"  Kick spends time with cousin Kyle; Kick goes for a spin.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Gym Dandy; Detained"  Kick tries out for the school's sports team; Ms. Chicarelli comes out of retirement and becomes the new vice principal.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Sister Pact; Shh!"  Kick must earn back Brianna's trust; Kick does a report.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Sleepy River Wild; Power Play"  Kick and Gunther have a crazy adventure at a water park.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Free Gunther; Attic-a"  Gunther gets grounded on the night of Boom McCondor's BMX Joust; Kick, Brad and Harold get stuck in a cold attic.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Poll Position; Jock Wilder's Nature Camp"  Kendall runs for class president hoping to make Kick's life miserable; Kick and Gunther go to camp.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Bwar and Peace"  When Gunther is worshipped as an ancient Viking warrior, Kick must convince him to return to Mellowbrook.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Say Cheese; Pinch Sitter"  After a dispute over the last slice of pizza ensues between the Buttowski siblings, a precious item of their mothers is destroyed; Kick's mom hires Kendall to babysit.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Big Mouth; Last Fan Standing"  Kick and Gunther must become Mouth's sidekicks.  (Repeat) DXD
02:30 AM
"Only the Lonely; Roll Reversal"  Kick needs money to buy an awesome bike engine; Kendall inadvertently outdoes Kick at a motocross stunt.  (Repeat) DXD
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Most boys are worried about school and friends -- but Kick Buttowski has more important things to think about. His goal is to become the greatest daredevil the world has ever known. With the help of his loyal sidekick, Gunther, and some unusual methods, Kick will try almost anything, from racing the school bus on a skateboard to flying down Dead Man's Drop on an ironing board.

Current cast
Charlie Schlatter as Clarence ``Kick'' Buttowski
Matt Jones as Gunther Magnuson
Danny Cooksey as Bradley ``Brad'' Buttowski
John Dimaggio as Mr. Vickle
Eric Olsen as Wade

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