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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Twin boys and their mom live in a hotel suite in Boston. 

10:00 PM
"Orchestra"  Cody thinks a new violinist is flirting with his girlfriend; London tries to learn about the hotel business.  (Repeat) DXD
10:30 PM
"A Tale of Two Houses"  Zack and Cody both reserve their father's empty apartment without the other's knowledge; London teaches Esteban to act wealthy.  (Repeat) DXD
11:00 PM
"Foiled Again"  Cody develops a fear of germs while he and Zack work on a science project; skateboarder Tony Hawk checks into the Tipton Hotel.  (Repeat) DXD
11:30 PM
"Romancing the Phone"  Zack and Cody use a sophisticated boy to impress their dates; Maddie finds a cell phone and imagines its owner.  (Repeat) DXD
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Life is sweet -- or at least suite -- for identical teenage twins Zack and Cody Martin after their mom, Carey, lands a job headlining at the five-star Tipton Hotel in Boston, which comes with an upper-floor suite. From that new roost, the twins turn the hotel into their playground, although the pranks are usually instigated by girl-obsessed Zack, not the more mature and intellectual Cody. When her schedule permits, the boys are ``handled'' by Maddie Fitzpatrick, the teenage candy-counter girl who also is the somewhat unlikely best friend of spoiled London Tipton, the daughter of the hotel's owner.

Current cast
Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin
Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin
Phill Lewis as Mr. Marion Eduardo Moseby
Brenda Song as London Tipton
Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin

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