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Top Gear

News and features on two- and four-wheeled vehicles. 

Jeremy Clarkson (Host), Richard Hammond (Host), James May (Host), Andy Wilman (Executive Producer), Phil Churchward (Director), Brian Klein (Director)

02:00 AM
Top Gear The team heads for the Isle of Man to decide which is best: the V8 Vantage Aston Martin, BMW M6 or Porsche 911 Carrera S. The Ascari KZ1 supercar takes to the track and actor Trevor Eve is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.  (Repeat) BBCA
03:00 AM
Top Gear Jeremy races a rock climber; Richard and James check out radio controlled cars; celebrity guest is Ian Wright.  (Repeat) BBCA
04:00 AM
Top Gear Jeremy, Richard and James drive three supercars through France; Ford Focus.  (Repeat) BBCA
05:00 AM
Top Gear Search for a mid-engined Italian supercar for less than 10,000 British pounds; Pagani Zonda F; record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur.  (Repeat) BBCA
02:00 PM
"The Perfect Road Trip: Italy"  Jeremy and Richard conclude their trip through Italy by traveling from Rome to Capri.  (Repeat) BBCA
02:00 PM
"At the Movies"  Memorable automobile moments in cinematic history.  (Repeat) BBCA
04:00 PM
"The Perfect Road Trip"  On their "perfect" road trip, Jeremy and Richard travel from Venice, Italy, to the south of France.  (Repeat) BBCA
05:00 PM
"The Perfect Road Trip"  The second leg of their "perfect" road trip, has Jeremy and Richard traveling from St. Tropez to Pau.  (Repeat) BBCA
06:00 PM
Top Gear Jeremy and James race a car against a yacht up the New Zealand coast; welcoming a new reasonably-priced car.  (Repeat) BBCA
07:30 PM
Top Gear The world of fashionable, "lifestyle" sport utility vehicles; Henry Cavill.  (Repeat) BBCA
Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May host this fast-paced and stunt-filled motor show that tests whether cars, both mundane and extraordinary, live up to their manufacturers' claims. The hosts travel to locations around the world, performing extreme stunts and challenges to see what the featured cars are capable of. Celebrity guests also appear on some episodes to help the guys test the vehicles. Things don't always go as planned, though, with broken bones and mechanical mishaps sometimes part of the experiments.

Current cast
Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond James May

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