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Doctor Who

"Voyage of the Damned"

The Doctor tries to save the lives of the passengers on an orbiting cruise ship called Titanic.  (Repeat)

Sun 3/15 12:30 AM  BBCA
Duration: 45 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Holiday, Christmas, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Interests

David Tennant, Kylie Minogue, Geoffrey Palmer, Russell Tovey, George Costigan, Gray O'brien

James Strong (Director), Julie Gardner (Executive Producer), Russell Davies (Writer), Russell Davies (Executive Producer)

11:15 PM
"Deep Breath"  While in Victorian-era London investigating oddities such as spontaneous combustions and a dinosaur in the Thames, Clara struggles to know the man the Doctor has become.  (Repeat) BBCA
03:00 AM
"Into the Dalek"  The Doctor comes to the rescue of a lone rebel ship that is surrounded by a Dalek fleet.  (Repeat) BBCA
04:00 AM
"Robot of Sherwood"  The Doctor joins forces with Robin Hood to stop the reign of the Sheriff of Nottingham and robots who threaten Sherwood Forest.  (Repeat) BBCA
05:00 AM
"Listen"  The Doctor and Clara are inundated with ghosts from the past and the future.  (Repeat) BBCA
11:00 AM
"The Caretaker"  The Skovox Blitzer prepares to destroy all of humanity; the Doctor meets Danny Pink.  (Repeat) BBCA
12:00 PM
"Kill the Moon"  When the Doctor and Clara crash land on the moon, they discover a mining base full of corpses, spider-like creatures and find themselves facing a dilemma.  (Repeat) BBCA
01:00 PM
"Mummy on the Orient Express"  A deadly creature is stalking passengers on the Orient Express, and the Doctor must race against the clock.  (Repeat) BBCA
11:00 AM
"Flatline"  Clara discovers a menace from another dimension while she is separated from the Doctor; with the Doctor trapped, Clara must defend against an enemy that exists beyond human perception.  (Repeat) BBCA
12:00 PM
"In the Forest of the Night"  The human race wakes up one morning to discover a surprising invasion: a forest has grown, reclaiming the Earth.  (Repeat) BBCA
01:00 PM
"Dark Water"  The Doctor and Missy are about to meet; an impossible choice looms; plans are drawn in the Nethersphere.  (Repeat) BBCA
Doctor Who (2005)

An eccentric yet compassionate extraterrestrial Time Lord zips through time and space to solve problems and battle injustice across the universe, traveling via the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), which is his old and occasionally unreliable spaceship that resembles a blue police phone box (but changes its appearance depending on its surroundings) and is much, much larger inside than outside.

Current cast
Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
Jenna-louise Coleman as Clara Oswald
Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink

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