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Star Trek: The Next Generation


The Borg return with a new way to travel through subspace and a vicious attitude that triggers strong feelings in formerly emotionless Data.  (Repeat)

Sat 5/30 5:00 PM  BBCA
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action Adventure, Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Levar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates Mcfadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Stephen Hawking (Guest Star), John Neville (Guest Star), Jim Norton (Guest Star), Brian Cousins (Guest Star), Natalia Nogulich (Guest Star)

Rick Berman (Executive Producer), Ronald d. Moore (Writer), Alexander Singer (Director)

03:00 AM
"Future Imperfect"  After an aborted mission to an uninhabited planet, Riker awakens in the future with no memory of the past 16 years.  (Repeat) BBCA
04:00 AM
"Final Mission"  Before entering Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a mission that jeopardizes the captain's life.  (Repeat) BBCA
05:00 AM
"The Loss"  Troi loses her empathic sense at the same time the Enterprise encounters a mysterious life form that appears to be heading toward self-destruction.  (Repeat) BBCA
03:00 PM
"The Chase"  The death of Picard's archaeology professor results in a tantalizing mystery involving Klingons, Cardassians and Romulans.  (Repeat) BBCA
04:00 PM
"Frame of Mind"  On a secret mission to a troubled planet, Riker questions his mental stability after experiencing a series of confusing vignettes.  (Repeat) BBCA
05:00 PM
"Suspicions"  The death of a pioneering Ferengi scientist embroils Crusher in a mystery that may end her Starfleet career.  (Repeat) BBCA
06:00 PM
"Rightful Heir"  Warrior Kahless returns from death to reclaim the Klingon empire.  (Repeat) BBCA
07:00 PM
"Second Chances"  Riker returns to the site of an 8-year-old mission to retrieve important research data and is unnerved to encounter his identical twin.  (Repeat) BBCA
08:00 PM
"Timescape"  The Enterprise becomes ensnared in a temporal disturbance from which there seems little hope of escape without destroying the ship and crew.  (Repeat) BBCA
01:00 AM
"The Chase"  The death of Picard's archaeology professor results in a tantalizing mystery involving Klingons, Cardassians and Romulans.  (Repeat) BBCA
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Featuring a bigger and better USS Enterprise, this series is set 78 years after the original series -- in the 24th century. Instead of Capt. James Kirk, a less volatile and more mature Capt. Jean-Luc Picard heads the crew of various humans and alien creatures in their adventures in space -- the final frontier.

Current cast
Patrick Stewart as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes as Cdr. William Riker
Brent Spiner as Lt. Cmdr. Data
Levar Burton as Lt. Geordi La Forge
Michael Dorn as Lt. Worf
Gates Mcfadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi
Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher
Denise Crosby as Lt. Tasha Yar
Diana Muldaur as Dr. Katherine ``Kate'' Pulaski

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