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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Solutions to crimes play out from the perspectives of the criminals. 

04:00 AM
"The Pilgrim"  While searching for the missing daughter of a retired police officer, detectives stumble upon a terrorist plot involving a shipment of explosives.  (Repeat) WGNAMER
06:00 PM
"Neighborhood Watch"  When a decapitated, stabbed and mutilated body is found in Maspeth Creek, everyone in the community is a suspect.  (Repeat) IONSAT
07:00 PM
"Last Rites"  Logan's faith is tested when a priest asks him to reinvestigate a 16-year-old triple homicide.  (Repeat) IONSAT
08:00 PM
"Frame"  A picture left at his mother's grave leads Detective Goren down a treacherous path into his past.  (Repeat) IONSAT
09:00 PM
"Playing Dead"  A politician's drug-addicted daughter survives a hit by playing dead; Goren and Eames uncover a trail of deception that leads to City Hall.  (Repeat) IONSAT
10:00 PM
"Rock Star"  Nichols and Wheeler enter the world of aspiring artists when a young hipster is found stabbed in an ethnically charged neighborhood.  (Repeat) IONSAT
11:00 PM
"Identity Crisis"  Twenty years after the death of their mother, a man kills his younger brother; clues lead Goren and Eames through a multitude of assumed identities.  (Repeat) IONSAT
12:00 AM
"In Treatment"  Nichols and Wheeler investigate the world of high finance after a financial officer of a securities company is found stabbed at a dinner gala.  (Repeat) IONSAT
01:00 AM
"Faithfully"  When a devout celebrity doctor is murdered, Goren and Eames investigate the unexpectedly steamy world behind the pulpit.  (Repeat) IONSAT
02:00 AM
"Slither"  Goren and Eames investigate a gang of elegant predators led by a European who befriends, robs and kills tourists.  (Repeat) USA
Law & Order: Criminal Intent

NYPD detectives of the Major Case Squad use unconventional methods to solve crimes. Like its predecessor, the original ``Law & Order,'' its storylines are often based on real-life headlines, and it features a cadre of quirky cops whose mission it is to find the criminals and make them pay.

Current cast
Vincent D'onofrio as Detective Robert Goren
Kathryn Erbe as Detective Alexandra Eames
Jay Sanders as Capt. Joseph Hannah

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