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"Remote Control"

The SRU is called in when a bank employee whose wife is being held captive hacks into the computer system to steal money to pay off her captors.  (Repeat)

Fri 6/5 11:00 PM  IONSAT
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Crime Drama, Suspense, Action Adventure, Drama, Mystery and Suspense

Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon, Amy jo Johnson, David Paetkau, Michael Cram, Sergio Di zio, Mark Taylor, Tattiawna Jones (Guest Star), Ryan Kennedy (Guest Star), James Gilbert (Guest Star), Amanda Leblanc (Guest Star), Kate Hennig (Guest Star), Shane Carty (Guest Star), Santino Buda (Guest Star), Pedro miguel Arce (Guest Star), Richard Blackburn (Guest Star), Warren Belle (Guest Star)

Anne marie La traverse (Executive Producer), Bill Mustos (Executive Producer), Tessie Cameron (Executive Producer), Russ Cochrane (Writer), Charles Binamé (Director)

04:00 PM
"Lawmen"  While Dean and Clark go on a ride-along, a shootout breaks out at a drug den.  (Repeat) IONSAT
05:00 PM
"Fit for Duty"  Team One races to catch a disturbed and armed man on a ferry.  (Repeat) IONSAT
06:00 PM
"Keep the Peace"  A series of bombs tears the city apart, as Team One attempts high-risk rescues.  (Repeat) IONSAT
07:00 PM
"Keep the Peace"  Team One attempts to contain a radioactive threat with the help of firefighters, paramedics and the military.  (Repeat) IONSAT
08:00 PM
"Asking for Flowers"  The team must set their personal beliefs aside when they go to rescue a cop being held hostage by an enraged family member.  (Repeat) IONSAT
09:00 PM
"Planets Aligned"  Jules puts her negotiating skills to the test when the unit responds to a kidnapping, only to find that there are actually two victims.  (Repeat) IONSAT
10:00 PM
"Eagle Two"  A routine protection job goes awry when an explosion in a hotel kitchen masks the kidnapping of the wife of the man the team is guarding.  (Repeat) IONSAT
11:00 PM
"Remote Control"  The SRU is called in when a bank employee whose wife is being held captive hacks into the computer system to steal money to pay off her captors.  (Repeat) IONSAT
12:00 AM
"Perfect Storm"  The team must diffuse a volatile situation when a student pushed to the limit by bullies brings a gun to school.  (Repeat) IONSAT
01:00 AM
"Behind the Blue Line"  A highly trained sniper booby-traps an arena that is slated to be destroyed.  (Repeat) IONSAT

Inspired by the real-life Emergency Task Force of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this taut police drama chronicles the efforts of the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), an elite and highly skilled group of cops charged with rescuing hostages, defusing bombs and breaking up gangs. The series title comes from another part of their job, however: getting inside a suspect's head and discovering his emotional ``flashpoint'' that triggered the crisis in the first place.

Current cast
Enrico Colantoni as Sgt. Gregory Parker
Hugh Dillon as Ed Lane
Amy jo Johnson as Julianna ``Jules'' Callaghan
David Paetkau as Sam Braddock

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