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Locked Up Abroad

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries. 

03:00 AM
"The Real Midnight Express"  Billy Hayes, subject of the 1978 film "Midnight Express," tells the real story of being sent to the infamous Turkish Sagmalcilar prison.  (Repeat) NGC
04:00 AM
"Busted in Mexico"  A teenager caught attempting to smuggle 33 pounds of marijuana out of Mexico spends years struggling to survive in prison.  (Repeat) NGC
05:00 AM
"India"  While traveling in India, Rhys Partridge gets kidnapped by a terrorist who had been involved in the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl.  (Repeat) NGC
Locked Up Abroad

Dream adventures turn into hellish nightmares for the travelers featured in this series, which recounts through first-hand interviews and re-enactments their experiences of being arrested in a foreign country for drug smuggling, and how they coped with the resulting lengthy prison terms.

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