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Storage Wars New York

Some modern treasure seekers try their luck by bidding on abandoned storage units in New York. 

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Storage Wars New York

A&E Network focuses its ``Storage Wars'' cameras on the Big Apple (and the surrounding tri-state area), where a new group of auction bidders roll the dice by buying abandoned storage units. They hope, of course, that a winning bid leads them to a treasure trove of items inside a unit, but they're just as likely to be left with a load of trash. Among the buyers featured are ``The Legend,'' Joe Pauletich, a shrewd veteran of 20-plus years on the auction scene; ``The Hustler,'' Mike Braiotta, a Bronx-born tough-talker who looks for dependable items that he can quickly sell; and the tag team of Candy Olsen (``The Flame'') and Courtney Wagner (``The Firecracker''), co-owners of a vintage clothing shop.

Current cast
Joe ``p'' Pauletich Candy Olsen Courtney Wagner Mike Braiotta Chris Morelli Tad Eaton John Luke Thom Beers

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