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Shipping Wars

Six independent shippers make a living transporting unconventional items other carriers won't touch. 

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Shipping Wars

You won't hear the phrase ``free shipping'' uttered in this real-life series. It follows heavy-duty movers as they battle for the chance to transport items that traditional carriers won't touch, from bulky loads such as a Civil War cannon to bizarre items like a water buffalo. The competition begins each day when thousands of shipments are put up for auction online, and the truckers who make the lowest bids get the loads. It's a high-stakes game, figuring out what shipments are worth the time and money to move them, but the bottom line is these haulers -- rookies and seasoned vets alike -- will deliver anything if the price is right.

Current cast
Marc Springer Jennifer Brennan Jarrett Joyce Christopher Hanna Robbie Welsh Dusty Davie Todd Sturgis Tamera Sturgis Jessica Samko

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