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The First 48

"Torn; Gun Crazy"

A rookie detective tries to untangle a love triangle that turned deadly; detectives try to piece together what happened inside a car that left one person dead and another critically injured.  (Repeat)

Sat 9/5 5:00 PM  AETV
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Reality, Crime, Law, Interests

Dion Graham (Narrator)

11:02 PM
"Stolen Lives; Family Bonds"  A vigilante may be the culprit in a stabbing case; a mother may have accompanied a shooter.  (Repeat) AETV
12:01 AM
"Down in Overtown; Breaking Point"  A young father is gunned down after a night of gambling, and Detective Emiliano Tamayo has to figure out who would have killed him over $20; in Dallas, a child's birthday party turns deadly.  (Repeat) AETV
03:03 AM
"Stolen Lives; Family Bonds"  A vigilante may be the culprit in a stabbing case; a mother may have accompanied a shooter.  (Repeat) AETV
02:00 PM
"Fish Out of Water; Good Samaritan"  An innocent tourist from Ohio is murdered in Miami; a homeless man is brutally stabbed defending a restaurant owner.  (Repeat) AETV
03:00 PM
"Lured In; Disaster"  A body is found in a motel bathroom; Sgt. Mason investigates a man's shooting death.  (Repeat) AETV
04:00 PM
"Bad Call; Ricochet"  A man is found shot dead in his car in Miami; a man is found shot dead in his backyard in Memphis, Tenn.  (Repeat) AETV
05:00 PM
"Fatal Pickup; Bad Neighbor"  A double shooting in a vacant lot; the body of a shooting victim is riddled with bullets and dumped in a park.  (Repeat) AETV
06:00 PM
"Cold as Ice"  The witness to a fatal shooting is forced to choose between her friendship with the suspect and her own freedom.  (Repeat) AETV
07:00 PM
"Deadly Ride; Wrong Place, Wrong Time"  Detectives embark on a four-state manhunt to find the killer of a Cleveland driver; Miami police need citizens to loosen their lips and help them solve a murder.  (Repeat) AETV
02:00 PM
"Twisted Honor; Vultures"  Arizona authorities probing a savage shotgun murder track desperate lovers on the lam; a Texas slaying victim was last seen with a mysterious stranger.  (Repeat) AETV
The First 48

Detectives in major cities around the country race against the clock in the wake of homicides, knowing that if they don't find a lead within the first 48 hours, their chances of solving a case are cut in half. The series shows how detectives use forensic evidence and witness interviews to help identify suspects.

Current cast
Dion Graham

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