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Chef Paul Wahlberg and his famous younger siblings launch an upscale burger joint in Hingham, Mass. 

Paul Wahlberg, Alma Wahlberg, Johnny alves , Henry Laun, Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Billy Leonard

Mark Wahlberg (Executive Producer), Stephen Levinson (Executive Producer), Donnie Wahlberg (Executive Producer), Rasha Drachkovitch (Executive Producer), Jym Buss (Executive Producer), Lily Neumeyer (Executive Producer), Devon Graham (Executive Producer)

10:00 AM
"Here's the Drill"  New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski gives Paul fantasy-football pointers; Mark brings Johnny to a Los Angeles dentist; Alma becomes addicted to her new smartphone.  (Repeat) FYISD
10:30 AM
"The Great Wahlberg of China"  Johnny and Henry tag along when Mark travels to Hong Kong to promote a film; Johnny auditions for a commercial, while Henry fills his stomach of steel with local delicacies.  (Repeat) FYISD
11:00 AM
"Wedding Bliss & Big Papi Hits"  Paul creates a specialty burger for Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, but has concerns about jinxing the player's performance; Donnie comes up with a unique solution when Alma is afraid to fly to his Chicago-area wedding.  (Repeat) FYISD
11:30 AM
"Trading Places"  Donnie learns to appreciate Paul's talents when he steps into his brother's shoes to run the restaurant for a day; Arthur offers Johnny "Drama" a role in a new film.  (Repeat) FYISD
12:00 PM
"Should I Stay Orr Should I Go?"  Hockey legend Bobby Orr joins Paul and Jim for a special round of golf; Donnie goes house hunting with Alma; Mark, Drama, Brandon and Nacho try to think of the perfect nickname for Kari.  (Repeat) FYISD
12:30 PM
"The Weight Is Over"  Mark challenges Big A and Nacho to a weight-loss competition; Paul and Donnie stay at Alma's house, where they soon learn it's a good thing they no longer live under the same roof.  (Repeat) FYISD
01:00 PM
"Pranks for the Memories"  The boys get mischievous on the local holiday known as Dorchester Day; Johnny "Drama" and Henry "Nacho" are enlisted to paint a shed in Donnie's backyard.  (Repeat) FYISD
01:30 PM
"License to Grill"  Paul and his children visit Mark and his family in Los Angeles; a friendly game of touch football turns competitive; Kari gets Alma to open up about her life in Hollywood.  (Repeat) FYISD
02:00 PM
"Do the Hustle"  Things get feisty when members of Mark's entourage pitch ideas for new business ventures; Alma goes shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming graduation.  (Repeat) FYISD
02:30 PM
"Krafting a Patriot Burger"  Paul works to create a burger for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, but football players Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman offer up a different suggestion; Bob tries to get his daughter to spend quality time with Alma.  (Repeat) FYISD

Famous Wahlberg brothers Mark and Donnie aren't even the most talented members of their nine-sibling family. That distinction, they say, belongs to older brother Paul, and this reality series may prove the point. It serves up a behind-the-scenes look at the clan, with a backdrop of the family's Boston-based hamburger restaurant run by Paul, an executive chef. As Paul takes on the challenge of operating Wahlburgers, Mark and Donnie make the burger joint their home base when they are in town, and never far from the action are their old neighborhood pals, guys like Henry ``Nacho'' Laun, Billy Leonard, and Johnny Alves, the man who inspired the Johnny ``Drama'' character in ``Entourage.'' Wahlberg matriarch Alma also has a prominent role in the series, and she isn't shy about providing her opinions; when she does, everyone listens.

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Paul Wahlberg Alma Wahlberg Johnny alves Henry Laun Mark Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg Billy Leonard

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