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"Who's Your Favorite?"

Members of the Wahlberg family have different ideas on expansion plans for their burger restaurant; matriarch Alma tries to convince overworked head chef Paul to hire an assistant.  (Repeat)

Fri 9/11 9:00 PM  FYISD
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Entertainment, Cooking, Interests

04:00 PM
"License to Grill"  Paul and his children visit Mark and his family in Los Angeles; a friendly game of touch football turns competitive; Kari gets Alma to open up about her life in Hollywood.  (Repeat) AETV
04:30 PM
"Do the Hustle"  Things get feisty when members of Mark's entourage pitch ideas for new business ventures; Alma goes shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming graduation.  (Repeat) AETV
05:00 PM
"Good Vi-Bro-Tions"  The NKOTB concert tour intersects with Mark's publicity tour in New York City, creating a chance for the famous Wahlberg brothers to finally share a moment; Paul escorts Alma to a special Mother's Day event featuring celebrity mothers.  (Repeat) AETV
05:30 PM
"New Kids on the Boardwalk"  The highly-anticipated opening of a Wahlburgers in Coney Island is delayed; Donnie, Mark and Paul celebrate at the amusement park while battling each other for arcade game supremacy.  (Repeat) AETV
09:30 PM
"Matchmaker Mark"  Mark grabs some high-tech audio gear and plays Cyrano de Bergerac when Big A goes on a lunch date; Paul's children are challenged to create a burger of the month.  (Repeat) AETV
01:31 AM
"Matchmaker Mark"  Mark grabs some high-tech audio gear and plays Cyrano de Bergerac when Big A goes on a lunch date; Paul's children are challenged to create a burger of the month.  (Repeat) AETV
07:00 PM
"5 O'Clock Is Dinnertime"  Donnie brings girlfriend Jenny McCarthy home to meet his mother and instigates a "sauce-off" between Alma and Paul; Paul works on a special "Burger of the Month" for Jenny.  (Repeat) FYISD
07:30 PM
"The Funky Bunch"  Donnie and Mark, along with some famous friends, trick Paul into thinking they are working on a jingle for the restaurant; Alma has a hard time trying to find the perfect gift for Jenny.  (Repeat) FYISD
08:00 PM
"A Cut Above"  Alma becomes worried when Paul takes up woodworking as a hobby; Johnny Drama and his funk band are scheduled to perform at the Boston premiere of Mark's new film.  (Repeat) FYISD
08:30 PM
"Eating Green"  Alma attempts to gather up all of her children's favorite recipes to share with the public; Mark challenges an old friend to eat a very unique burger.  (Repeat) FYISD

Famous Wahlberg brothers Mark and Donnie aren't even the most talented members of their nine-sibling family. That distinction, they say, belongs to older brother Paul, and this reality series may prove the point. It serves up a behind-the-scenes look at the clan, with a backdrop of the family's Boston-based hamburger restaurant run by Paul, an executive chef. As Paul takes on the challenge of operating Wahlburgers, Mark and Donnie make the burger joint their home base when they are in town, and never far from the action are their old neighborhood pals, guys like Henry ``Nacho'' Laun, Billy Leonard, and Johnny Alves, the man who inspired the Johnny ``Drama'' character in ``Entourage.'' Wahlberg matriarch Alma also has a prominent role in the series, and she isn't shy about providing her opinions; when she does, everyone listens.

Current cast
Paul Wahlberg Alma Wahlberg Johnny alves Henry Laun Mark Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg Billy Leonard

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