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Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

Luxury properties in Los Angeles are showcased. 

Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand

Fenton Bailey (Executive Producer), Randy Barbato (Executive Producer), Tom Campbell (Executive Producer), Todd Radnitz (Executive Producer)

12:00 PM
"Shark Out of Water"  Josh Altman misjudges a new client; Madison fights off competing brokers to score a new client.  (Repeat) BRAVO
01:00 PM
"Big Listings, Big Losses"  Josh Flagg balks at a listing two hours away, prompting Grandma Edith to lecture him on work ethic; Madison suffers a devastating personal loss; Josh Altman heads towards failure.  (Repeat) BRAVO
02:00 PM
"Closing Deals and Opening Doors"  John and Colton have shocking family news; Madison is skeptical when Heather reaches out to him; Josh Altman makes an eight-digit sale.  (Repeat) BRAVO
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

``Million Dollar Listing'' may have had its location, Los Angeles, added to its title to differentiate it from the New York version of the franchise, but the show is the same as it's always been. L.A.-based real estate gurus Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand are still featured as they battle through the high-stakes, cutthroat world of the real estate market in the City of Angels. It's a tough market as the guys try to sell the high life at high prices in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu. The guys also face trying times in their personal lives.

Current cast
Josh Altman Josh Flagg Madison Hildebrand

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