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Top Chef

Aspiring chefs compete for their shot at culinary stardom. 

Tom Colicchio (Judge), Padma Lakshmi (Judge), Gail Simmons (Judge), Hugh Acheson (Judge), Emeril Lagasse (Judge), Questlove (Judge), Anthony Mackie (Judge)

07:00 AM
"Food for the People"  The contestants work with ice cream.  (Repeat) ESQTV
08:00 AM
"Less is More"  The chefs visit a weight-loss camp.  (Repeat) ESQTV
09:00 AM
"Social Service"  The contestants are narrowed down.  (Repeat) ESQTV
10:00 AM
"Thanksgiving"  The chefs prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  (Repeat) ESQTV
11:00 AM
"The Raw and the Cooked"  The field of contestants is narrowed down.  (Repeat) ESQTV
12:00 PM
"Holiday Spirit"  Another chef is eliminated.  (Repeat) ESQTV
01:00 PM
"Seven"  The chefs must use one of the Seven Deadly Sins for their dish's inspiration.  (Repeat) ESQTV
02:00 PM
"Unhappy Customers"  The chefs prepare their take on a gourmet version of a snack.  (Repeat) ESQTV
03:00 PM
"Sense and Sensuality"  The cooks head to Santa Barbara and must create a sweet or savory dish featuring chocolate.  (Repeat) ESQTV
04:00 PM
"Finale"  The four contestants head to the big island of Hawaii.  (Repeat) ESQTV
Top Chef 11

``Top Chef'' heads to New Orleans for its 11th season. The competition features 20 cheftestants, 19 chosen before the season and the 20th earning a spot through an online series, ``Padma's Picks,'' featuring 10 New Orleans-based chefs competing in head-to-head battles with the ultimate winner, as chosen by judge Padma Lakshmi, rounding out the cast. Joining Lakshmi on the ``Top Chef'' judging panel are Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Hugh Acheson and noted New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse. As always, the contestant who survives the weekly eliminations to earn the title of Top Chef wins a cash prize.

Current cast
Tom Colicchio Padma Lakshmi Gail Simmons Hugh Acheson Emeril Lagasse Aaron Cuschieri Benedetto Bartolotta Bret Pelaggi Brian Huskey Carlos Gaytan

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