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Vanderpump Rules

Restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump oversees a group of staff members who lead drama-filled lives. 

Lisa Vanderpump, Jax Taylor, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie, Tom Sandoval, Stassi Schroeder, Ariana Madix, Tom Schwartz

Douglas Ross (Executive Producer), Greg Stewart (Executive Producer), Alex Baskin (Executive Producer), Bill Langworthy (Executive Producer), Lisa Vanderpump (Executive Producer), Ken Todd (Executive Producer)

02:00 PM
"Secrets Revealed"  Lisa Vanderpump and her staff members discuss never-before-seen moments; Katie attacks Jax for meddling in her relationship; Tom Schwartz freaks out during a medical procedure; a consultant's suggestions rub Lisa the wrong way; Andy Cohen hosts.  (Repeat) BRAVO
10:00 AM
"Tears Over Miami"  Jax reunites with an old friend at Scheana's bachelorette party, making the group wonder if Jax is keeping secrets about his past; Tom Sandoval pleads with Kristen to stop harassing Ariana; Lisa confronts Stassi about cutting Katie out of her life.  (Repeat) BRAVO
11:00 AM
"A Stand Against Stassi"  Stassi refuses to forgive Katie for attending Scheana's bachelorette party, forcing Katie to make a tough decision; Peter asks Vail out on a date; Kristen meets the woman with whom Tom Sandoval allegedly cheated.  (Repeat) BRAVO
12:00 PM
"Miami Vices"  Kristen ambushes Tom Sandoval at SUR, prompting Scheana to make a huge scene in front of customers and forcing Lisa to jump into action to keep the restaurant running.  (Repeat) BRAVO
01:00 PM
"Judgement Day"  Lisa confronts Kristen about her disrespect for management and arrives at a final decision in regards to her future at SUR; Tom Schwartz makes a shocking revelation to Katie; Scheana debates whether to rescind Kristen's wedding invitation.  (Repeat) BRAVO
02:00 PM
"For Better or Worse"  The SUR crew comes together to celebrate Scheana's wedding day, but Scheana experiences a meltdown as the day of her dreams turns into a nightmare; James confronts Kristen over her continued obsession with Tom Sandoval.  (Repeat) BRAVO
03:00 PM
"Ring on a String"  Scheana breaks down as her plan for a perfect wedding falls apart; Kristen gets into a fight with James at the reception, fulfilling everyone's worst expectations; Tom Schwartz makes a bad situation worse with an apology gift.  (Repeat) BRAVO
04:00 PM
"Jax Cracks"  While Jax struggles to remain loyal, Stassi tells Kristen how to make Jax reveal Tom's alleged cheating; James apologizes to Kristen to salvage their relationship; Lisa teams up with singer Lance Bass to host a puppy adoption event at PUMP.  (Repeat) BRAVO
05:00 PM
"Dethroned"  SUR's annual photo shoot turns tense as Tom Sandoval confronts Jax over his betrayal; Katie forces Tom Schwartz to take action in their relationship; Stassi accepts Lisa's invitation to the restaurant's anniversary party.  (Repeat) BRAVO
Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump first gained fame as a cast member on ``The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,'' but her full-time job is as co-owner and boss at West Hollywood, Calif., restaurant SUR, which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant. Vanderpump balances her motherly instinct with her shrewd business sense to maintain control over the restaurant's wild group of employees who are working at the eatery while pursuing their dreams. Drama seems to be part of the job for the employees at SUR, who tend to date -- and, in most cases, subsequently break up with -- their fellow co-workers.

Current cast
Lisa Vanderpump Jax Taylor Katie Maloney Kristen Doute Scheana Marie Tom Sandoval Stassi Schroeder Ariana Madix Tom Schwartz

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