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The Real Housewives of Orange County

"All Apologies"

At dinner at Vicki's, tensions still run high; Tamra faces Brooks; an apology from Shannon's boyfriend starts a fight; Vicki's daughter and Tamra's son leave O.C.  (Repeat)

Mon 6/8 4:00 PM  BRAVO
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-14
Reality, Interests

09:00 AM
"You Can Dish It but You Can't Take It"  Lynne's daughters are home; Vicki gets bad news about her daughter's health; Alexis and Gretchen meet for dinner.  (Repeat) BRAVO
10:00 AM
"Let's Bow Our Heads and Pray"  Everyone tells Vicki what they think of her; Raquel tells her friends about the eviction; Gretchen and Slade go to Palm Springs.  (Repeat) BRAVO
11:00 AM
"This Is How We Do It in the O.C."  After the tongue-lashing Vicki endured from the other women during their San Francisco trip, she seeks comfort from her friendship with Jeana.  (Repeat) BRAVO
12:00 PM
"Is This All There Is?"  Tension between Tamra and Simon reaches a breaking point; housewives celebrate the end of a summer.  (Repeat) BRAVO
01:00 PM
"Amped Blondes and Evil Eyes"  Tamra throws a shopping party and invites all the ladies.  (Repeat) BRAVO
02:00 PM
"Shameless in Seattle"  Gretchen doesn't know if she is ready for marriage again; Alexis spends time at the park with Peggy and their daughters.  (Repeat) BRAVO
03:00 PM
"A New Lease On Life"  Alexis, Gretchen and Peggy get together for shopping and socializing.  (Repeat) BRAVO
04:00 PM
"Body Shots"  Tamara and Vicki visit Cabo San Lucas; Gretchen meets Alexis to get advice; Peggy reveals a serious health issue.  (Repeat) BRAVO
05:00 PM
"No Hate"  Peggy consults with a plastic surgeon; Donn makes Vicki feel guilty; Fernanda celebrates her citizenship; Alexis hosts a party.  (Repeat) BRAVO
06:00 PM
"100th Episode Special"  How the show has impacted the lives of the women and families it features; interviews with current and former housewives; memorable clips.  (Repeat) BRAVO
The Real Housewives of Orange County

They may live in the lap of luxury, but life isn't always perfect for the women who reside in one of the wealthiest enclaves of the U.S. They continue to focus on living large; plastic surgery, working out, shopping, drinking, dancing, and dining out top their agendas. Ladies come and go through the show's run with the ninth season's group featuring newcomers Shannon Beador, Lizzie Rovsek and Danielle Gregorio, who join returnees Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge (who was previously known as Tamra Barney) and Heather Dubrow.

Current cast
Vicki Gunvalson Tamra Judge Heather Dubrow Shannon Beador Lizzie Rovsek Danielle Gregorio

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