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Peppa Pig

"Freddy Fox; Whistling; Dr. Hamster's Tortoise; Sun,Sea and Snow; Hospital"

Peppa and her friends play hide and seek; Peppa wants to learn how to whistle; a veterinarian visits Peppa's play group; Peppa and her family look forward to a trip; Peppa visits the hospital.  (Repeat)

Thu 6/4 9:30 PM  NICJR
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-Y
Kids, Action Adventure, Entertainment, Animated, Interests

09:00 PM
"The Cycle Ride; Dens; Zoe Zebra the Postman's Daughter; Cuckoo Clock; Ice Skating"  Peppa's family goes for a cycle ride; Peppa and George play in their tree house; the postman's daughter helps him; the cuckoo clock is broken; Peppa and George go ice skating.  (Repeat) NICJR
11:00 AM
"Danny's Pirate Party; The Train Ride; Teddy Playgroup; A Trip to the Moon; Numbers"  Danny Dog's birthday arrives; Peppa and her friends go on a train ride; Peppa brings home a teddy; Peppa's family goes to a Moon Exhibition; Peppa and her friends learn how to count.  (Repeat) NICJR
11:30 AM
"Polly's Boat Trip; Grandpa at the Playground; The Fire Engine; Funfair; Delphine Donkey"  Peppa and George go on a boat trip; Grandpa Pig takes Peppa and George to the playground; Peppa and George go to the Fire Engine Service; the family goes to the funfair; Peppa's friend visits.  (Repeat) NICJR
12:00 PM
"Piggy in the Middle; Pancakes; Thunderstorm; Daddy's Movie; Bicycles"  Peppa teases George; Mummy Pig makes pancakes; Peppa and George hear a strange noise; Daddy Pig gets a new movie camera; Peppa's friends ride their bicycles.  (Repeat) NICJR
12:30 PM
"Rock Pools; Mr. Scarecrow; Windy Autumn Day; The Time Capsule; George's Friend"  Peppa and George visit the seaside; Peppa and George visit Granny and Grandpa Pig; cold and windy day; Madame Gazelle shows Peppa how to make a time capsule; Rebecca Rabbit has a little brother.  (Repeat) NICJR
04:30 PM
"Pedro the Cowboy; Peppa & George's Garden; The Flying Vet; International Day; Potato City"  Pedro Pony pretends to be a cowboy; Grandpa Pig gives the children seeds for their garden; nearly all of the animals need Dr. Hamster's help on the same day; Peppa and her friends dress up; Peppa and her family visit a new theme park.  (Repeat) NICJR
04:30 PM
"Best Friend; Camping; The Playground; The School Fete; Mummy Pig's Birthday"  Peppa's friend comes over to play; Peppa and her family go camping; Peppa and George go to the playground; Peppa and her family go to the school fete; the family celebrates Mummy Pig's birthday.  (Repeat) NICJR
05:00 PM
"Captain Daddy Pig; The Power Cut; Bouncy Ball; Stars; Daddy Pig's Birthday"  Peppa's family spends a day on the river; the lights go out at Peppa's house; Peppa and George play with a bouncy ball; the sky is full of stars at night; the family celebrates Daddy Pig's birthday.  (Repeat) NICJR
05:30 PM
"Mr. Dinosaur is Lost; Muddy Puddles; Fancy Dress Party; Camping; Very Hot Day"  Mr. Dinosaur is George's favorite toy; the rain makes Peppa sad; Peppa and George have a fancy dress party; Peppa and her family go camping; Peppa and George want to jump in mud puddles.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 PM
"Flying a Kite; Muddy Puddles; Windy Castle; Hide and Seek; Cleaning the Car"  Peppa and her family fly a kite; the rain makes Peppa sad; Peppa and her family go to Windy Castle; Peppa and George play hide and seek; Daddy Pig takes the family for a drive.  (Repeat) NICJR
Peppa Pig

``Peppa Pig'' follows the adventures of the titular, anthropomorphic animal along with her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different kind of animal -- with a last name matching the type of animal each is. Although they are humanlike in many ways, the characters still display characteristics of their species -- such as the Rabbit family being fixated with carrots.

Harley Bird (Actor) , Morwenna Banks (Actor) , Richard Ridings (Actor) , Alice May (Actor) , Oliver May (Actor)

John Sparkes (Narrator)

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